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Battle Systems Tease Amazing New Terrain For Kickstarter


Battle Systems showed off an awesome preview of what is coming very, very soon to Kickstarter. Check out this new Fantasy terrain!

More Battlefield In A Box Terrain Drops This June


Gale Force Nine has shared what's coming this June for their Battlefield In A Box range.

Deep-Cut Set The Table For Malifaux 3rd Edition Games


Deep-Cut Studio has added ten new mats into the mix for those looking to get stuck into Malifaux 3rd Edition by Wyrd Games.

Unboxing: Mini Monster Terrain Set Two


Justin and Gerry are off to the swamp lands of Sleepy Hollow to check out the newest terrain pieces from Mini Monster.

Battle Across PWork Wargames’ Urban Sector Mat


PWork Wargames designed a very cool looking mat not long ago, the Urban Sector.

Tiny Furniture Set You Up With Blacksmithing & Books


Tiny Furniture has re-released some updated pieces of terrain for you to use when doing the set dressing of your tabletops.

Unboxing: Mini Monster Terrain


Justin and Gerry take a look at some fine accoutrements for your tabletop with Mini Monsters.

TTCombat Show Superb New Orc Buildin’ Boshin’ Releases


TTCombat are preparing to release more of their Orc Terrain Kits, and have shown off two of the new... I'm gunna say structures? that the orcs have built for far future tables.

Sarissa Precision Construct A New Army Compound


Sarissa Precision has dropped some more terrain for those of you looking to build up a range of cool options for Historical wargame, especially around the period of World War II. 

Battle Across The Badlands With PWork Wargames’ Mat


We're revisiting a mat from the team at PWork Wargames today as we take a peek at their Badlands mat

Titan Terrain NZ Hit The Water In New Kriegsfischkutter


Slowly drifting through the waters of Europe the team at Titan Terrain NZ has previewed their new Kriegsfischkutter which will be available for release soon.

Monster Fight Club Bring Pre-Painted Terrain To Kickstarter


Monster Fight Club is now live on Kickstarter with their campaign to bring Monster Terrain to the tabletop.

Hunt For Treasures With New Bad Squiddo Terrain Sets


Bad Squiddo Games has been showing off their new terrain collection which came to their webstore recently.

Sarissa Precision Take Refuge In A Mountain Village


Sarissa Precision have built some wonderful new terrain pieces which seem like they would be perfect for those fighting through scenic mountain passes in Feudal Japan. 

Tell 4Ground What You Want (What You Really, Really Want)


If you wannabe in with a chance of having wargame terrain designers 4Ground build your dream kit then holler at 4Ground in the comments and tell them why!

Defend The Old Crooked Smithy By Spellcrow


Spellcrow has re-released one of their terrain pieces. Here we have The Old Smithy which has been revamped and is now available as one piece!

3DAlienWorlds Battle Across 3D Printed Samurai Canals


3DAlienWorlds has produced another set of 3D printable terrain for use in your Samurai games. This time around they are traversing the waterways of Japan with their Samurai Canal set.

Antenocitis Hold Out Against The Horde In The Lazy Dog Saloon


Antenocitis Workshop has shown off a new piece of terrain for those looking to survive in the zombie apocalypse. If you're lucky, you might get to hide out in the Lazy Dog Saloon.

Eskice Miniatures 3D Print Up The Omicron Industrial Sector


Eskice Miniatures are on Kickstarter right now with their 3D printing project which is looking to bring the Omicron Industrial Sector to life for all of your Sci-Fi games.

Unboxing: Medieval Lost Burg Kit


Justin and John look at the first of the Medieval Lost Burg Kits from PWorks.

Battle Through PWork Wargames’ Medieval Lost Burg


PWork Wargames have put together a new terrain kit for you to use when clashing in both your Historical and Fantasy games.

Battle Kiwi Clash In The RumbleDome For Aristeia!


Fancy playing some games of Aristeia! or Infinity on a rather fancy looking tabletop? Well, Battle Kiwi have been working away on this RumbleDome for you to include in your games.

4Ground Begin Battling Through New Urbes Mortis Terrain


4Ground has now released their new Urbes Mortis Terrain for you to use when building battlefields of the far future, possibly where it's a bit grimdark.

Battle Through Winding Streets With PWork’s Darkburg Mat


If you're looking to get stuck into battles in an urban landscape then you might want to check out PWork Wargames' Darkburg Mat. 

Micro Art Studio Tease New Infinity Spiral Corps Mat


Micro Art Studio is working on some cool new mat designs for the latest expansion to Infinity. This was their first preview, the Spiral Corps Mat. 

Hold Out Within Sarissa Precision’s Dark Age Fort


Sarissa Precision has bundled together a collection of terrain elements for those looking to build up their defences during the Dark Age.

4Ground: Things From the Basement


Ben from 4Ground joins Justin in the studio about what he's got locked in his basement...

Explore New Tabletop Options With Mantic’s Terrain Crate 2


As you'll have no doubt noticed, Mantic Games are back on Kickstarter with Terrain Crate 2 which offers up a new range of different terrain options

Fight Them On The Beaches With PWork’s New Overlord Mat


If you're looking to fight it out on the beaches and push an invasion force inland then you're going to need a good beach mat.

4Ground Preview New Urbes Mortis Rubble & Ruins


4Ground have been previewing some more of their new terrain which is due to be hitting tabletops soon. The new Urbes Mortis collection will be a range of ruins for use with your heroic Sci-Fi miniatures.

Dark Ops Tease Upcoming Dark Dungeon Terrain


Dark Ops are teasing some new terrain coming our way for those who love their dungeon delves. The Dark Dungeon range is on the way; modular and magnetic. 

3D Print Terrain Assemble An Anglo-Saxon Settlement


3D Print Terrain from Germany are on Kickstarter looking for funding to bring their collection of STL Files to life for those looking to build an Anglo-Saxon Settlement on the tabletop.

Battle To Hold The Dwarven Defences With Mini Monsters


Mini Monsters has been working away on a new terrain piece for those who want to build their perfect Dwarven fortress.

GameMat.Eu Release New Double-Sided Sci-Fi Mat


GameMat.Eu has combined two of their newer mats into a double-sided design. This new pairing brings together the ChemZone look and the Necropolis design. 

Pre-Orders Open For Beautiful Hagglethorn Hollow Terrain


Tabletop Troubadour Games are opening up Pre-Orders for those that missed out on the Hagglethorn Hollow terrain which was up on Kickstarter last year.

Explore The Ruins Of Stormguard With New 3D Printable Terrain


M. Chabot is on Kickstarter looking for funding to bring a set of new 3D Printable Terrain to the tabletop.

Erik Angel Builds A Pirate Village On Kickstarter


Erik Angel has taken to Kickstarter looking to get a Pirate Village crafted for your tabletops.

Black Site Studio Take Over A Massive Ship Kit This Week


This massive ship that you see below has been tinkered with by Black Site Studio and will be released later this week on Friday!

Let’s Play: D&D Vaedra’s Castle – Tenfold Dungeon


The wonderful folks at Room 17 Games bring the amazing Tenfold Dungeon into the studio for a game of D&D 5th Edition.

Introducing Tenfold Dungeon by Room 17 Games

4 months ago 9

Sam sits down with Anders and Ricard from Room 17 Games to showcase their newest kickstarter coming on the 4th of February; Tenfold Dungeon.

Black Site Run Through The Creation Of War Zone Arabia


Black Site Studio recently put together a neat blog post where they looked back at how and why they brought the War Zone Arabia terrain sets to life in 28mm.

Exclusive! PlastCraft Games Show Off ALEPH Inspired ColorED Terrain


PlastCraft Games share with us their new ALEPH inspired terrain for use in games of Infinity!

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