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Rule Over A Wasteland In Tsukuyumi – Full Moon Down


In the future, the Moon has come crashing into the Earth's surface causing unimaginable chaos and devastation, destroying most of mankind and mutating many of Earth's other species.

Stream Archives: Noise Marine


John will be adding a bit of colour to the most colourful denizen of the 41st Millennium; the hard-rocking Noise Marine!

Let’s Play: District 9

24 hours ago 1

Justin and Ryan step into the slums of District 9 to grab as much alien technology as they can in this board game adaptation by Weta Workshop.

Explore Futuristic Manchester With Vurt The RPG


Modiphius has added a new role-playing game onto their webstore. Vurt: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game takes you to futuristic Manchester and a wild alternate reality.

Unboxing: Core Space

1 day ago 20

With the Kickstarter pledges soon to be shipped out, we take a look at what you can expect in the sci-fi miniature skirmish game Core Space from Battle Systems.

New Apostles & Terminators Coming To Warhammer 40,000


Games Workshop has slipped a few new releases coming our way into their articles this week focusing in on the Chaos Space Marines.

Unite & Rule A Fractured Humanity In Exodus Chronicles


Our struggle for power has led us to open war. In the midst of a raging conflict we were ambushed by a darkness that has descended upon us from the outer reaches of the star system. A race of powerful aliens manoeuvres to wipe the human taint of their ancestral lands. Yet, we stand divided.

Mennes’ Mini Mashup: Sculpting Rocket Propulsion


Today we welcome back Tomas Mennes to work on sculpting rocket propulsion.

Admiral Sora Takes Command At Victoria Miniatures


Victoria Miniatures has added a new hero into the mix for you to use when commanding your Imperial forces on the tabletop.

Privateer Press Release New Monsterpocalypse Miniatures


Privateer Press have released a new series of terrific terrors for the hit tabletop game Monsterpocalypse. The announcement sees two new buildings and two new monsters rage onto the streets, causing chaos and destruction in their wake.

Victoria Miniatures Announce New Kangaroo APC


Victoria Miniatures have released images of a new armored personnel carrier being added to their collection. Designed by the incredibly talented Jake Schneider, the Kangaroo APC is an all resin model that is certain to get your Canadian troops to their destination.

Rule The Milky Way In The Silver River On Kickstarter


Many people believe we are not alone in this world. In fact, even within our own galaxy of the Milky Way, many people theorize that many different lifeforms exist. Now, Robert Burke Games brings these galactic forces together on the tabletop in The Siver River!

Core Space: Building Your Campaigns & Win A Deluxe Rulebook!

3 days ago 43

Justin joins Colin from BattleSystems to discuss how to design a Campaign in Core Space.

A Pesky Goblin Cannon Crew Let Loose By Kromlech


Kromlech has unleashed one of their Goblin kits, the Cannon Crew, as a separate addition to their webstore.

Warhammer 40K Unboxing: Shadowspear


Justin and John manage to get their hands on a copy of Shadowspear from Games Workshop.

Krennic Enacts His Insidious Plans In FFG’s Star Wars: Legion


Fantasy Flight Games has previewed a new character for the Galactic Empire to bring into play in Star Wars: Legion.

Skirmish Across Endor With New Star Wars: Imperial Assault Mat


Fantasy Flight Games has designed a new Star Wars: Imperial Assault mat for you to use at your FLGS.

The Ground Shakes Before Drowned Earth’s New Keratosor!


Olmec Games aren't done with the Dinosaurs rampaging through The Drowned Earth. This monstrous Keratosor is coming to tabletops as part of wave two during Q2 of 2019.

Battle Through Winding Streets With PWork’s Darkburg Mat


If you're looking to get stuck into battles in an urban landscape then you might want to check out PWork Wargames' Darkburg Mat. 

Micro Art Studio Tease New Infinity Spiral Corps Mat


Micro Art Studio is working on some cool new mat designs for the latest expansion to Infinity. This was their first preview, the Spiral Corps Mat. 

Core Space: The World & Universe

5 days ago 17

Colin from Battle Systems chats about the world of his successfully crowdfunded sci-fi miniature game Core Space.

Battle Through The City Of Steel Terrain Set By GameMat.Eu


GameMat.Eu has designed a set of MDF terrain for you to use in your futuristic games on the tabletop. Take a peek at the City Of Steel...

Abaddon Leads Chaos Space Marines Into Battle This Weekend


The time has come. Vigilus will fall and the Black Legion of Warhammer 40,000 are descending upon the Imperium led by the one and only Abaddon The Despoiler. 

Squeak, Squeak Boom! New Cawdor Bomb Rats Skitter Forth


Forge World has released a new set of critters onto their webstore for use in Necromunda. Check out the Cawdor Bomb Delivery Rats...

Infinity Unboxing: Haqqislam Khawarijs

1 week ago 23

Today we're checking out the newest assault force of super soldiers for the Haqqislam faction of Infinity, the Khawarijs.

Roleplay The 90s As Things From The Flood Goes To Pre-Order


It's time to leave the 80s behind and enter the 90s (I know, I'm scared too) as Free League Publishing put up for pre-ordeer their sequel game for Tales From The Loop; Things From The Flood.

No Tech Is Safe From The Lord Discordant In Warhammer 40,000


Games Workshop have previewed another HQ choice that will soon be coming out to lead the forces of Chaos Space Marines. A master of daemon engine technology, The Lord Discordant.

Let’s Play: Warhammer 40k – Constantine’s Folly


Justin has recruited Cad from 4Ground to play some Warhammer 40k from Games Workshop.

Community Spotlight: Primarchs, Sherwood Saviours & Dark Age Dragyri


We're delving into the projects and the forums today to have a look at more of your amazing painting!

The Drowned Earth Unboxing: Yuttaraptors & Domeheads

1 week ago 14

Check out some faction neutral dinos, the Yuttaraptors and Domeheads, for use in your Drowned Earth miniature games.

Two New The Drowned Earth Events To Watch Out For


The team behind The Drowned Earth are working towards two events that we think you should take a look at. The first of these is happening at Element Games.

Traitor Command Expansion Coming To Blackstone Fortress


Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress is itself getting an update, announced as part of more news from GAMA this week by Games Workshop.

Mutants & Law Enforcer Hit The Strontium Dog Wastelands


Warlord Games has previewed two new sets of miniatures for use in Strontium Dog.

Fantasy Flight Take A Closer Look At The Super Star Destroyer


Fantasy Flight Games have taken a closer look at the massive Super Star Destroyer which can be added into the mix for Star Wars: Armada soon.

Anvil Industry Hire New Female Private Military Contractors


Anvil Industry has shown off some new Female Private Military Contractors which you can build as you wish thanks to their vast array of bitz. 

Face A War Torn Battlefield With PWORK’s Dust Town


All-purpose battlefield mats are well worth considering nowadays since people play so many different games. Dust Town is one such mat, provided by PWORK Wargames.

Unboxing: Star Wars Legion – Jyn Erso

2 weeks ago 36

Join Justin and Gerry in this unboxing of Star Wars Legion's newest addition, Jyn Erso from Fantasy Flight Games.

Mount Up On Tauntauns For Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars: Legion


Fantasy Flight Games has added some new support into the mix for those playing as the Rebels in Star Wars: Legion.

Orc Vets And Dark Space Elf Heads Appear At MaxMini


MaxMini have some new scifi releases appearing, starting with a selection of Orc Veterans, followed by some Dark Space Elf Heads heading to 3D print.

Puppets War’s Goliaths Prove Size Does Matter


Puppets War have come out with a new release that takes heavy weapons support to the extreme; the H.I. Goliaths Squad.

Artel W Announce Discount On Female Characters For International Women’s Day!


Artel W Miniatures have announced that, for International Women's Day, all female miniatures in their online store will be 8% off!

Build A Terrific Sci-Fi Train With Modurail On Kickstarter


Watcorp Designs have created a ranged of STL 3D print files for a wargaming futuristic 28mm monorail design. The files have been tested across a range of 3D printers to ensure consistency and are printable without supports.

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