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Review: Soothe Your Starlit Soul & Create A New Cosmos With Planetarium

1 hour ago 2

For all you fellow stargazers, here follows a review on the best game I ever backed, and why humanity should always reach for the stars.

Impact! Saving Lost Kickstarter Miniatures In New Campaign


Impact! Miniatures are running quite a different Kickstarter campaign right now which looks to bring lots of Lost Miniatures back from the dead!

Stream Archives: Monsterpocalypse Baldies Revenge


Can I take advantage of the city-scape once more and fend off Justin with my ruthless play style or will Justin be the King of the Cage once more?

Hunt The Enemies Of The Empire With Star Wars Scout Troopers


Scout Troopers might be known for flying into trees in Return Of The Jedi but they are actually some of the most highly skilled troops in the Galactic Empire.

Let’s Play: Fallout Wasteland Warfare – Into The Sewer

22 hours ago 6

We finally get to play a game of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare; the new miniature tabletop game from Modiphius.

Tiny Epic Mechs Comes To Kickstarter


Enter the arena and fight for fame, glory, and admiration in this futuristic colosseum of mechanized meeple mayhem from Gamelyn Games. 

Fight For Freedom With Scorpius Freighter From AEG


In every city, every planet, every galaxy, there is a hope – spoken only in whispers.  It is the hope of revolution, and in the Scorpius system, it is finally coming true.

CoreBall Kickstarter Launching November 13th


Burning Games and Big Child Creatives are going to be launching their Kickstarter for CoreBall: The Zero Gravity Sport on November 13th!

Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Future Releases

2 days ago 7

The guys from Modiphius give us a look at the next wave of models coming out for their 32mm miniature game Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

New Infinity & Aristeia! Releases: October 2018

2 days ago 6

We’re back with another round of releases from Corvus Belli for both Infinity and Aristeia! this month.

4Ground Re-scale More Terrain For Your Adeptus Titanicus Needs


4Ground has shown off more of their Micro Scale terrain which will be available soon for those enjoying Adeptus Titanicus. Here are some more of their latest previews of what they have been tinkering with. 

Interview: Assassin’s Creed Coming To The Tabletop!

3 days ago 10

I’m joined by Thibaud from Triton Noir to talk about the new Assassin’s Creed Board Game.

River Horse Preview Katniss & Snow From New Hunger Games Board Game


River Horse is working towards the launch of their The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – The Board Game Kickstarter at the start of October (1st) with a preview of two of the miniatures from the game painted up by the talented Angel Giraldez.

Red Beam Designs Working On 8mm Scale Dark Assembly City


Red Beam Designs, alongside Warcradle Studios, are going to be working on a series of 8mm terrain kits which would be good for, yes you guessed it, Adeptus Titanicus. Check out some of their early ideas.

Weekender: Win A GW Starter Box! Which Games Workshop Game Is Best?

5 days ago 440

This week, we’re mixing things up a bit as we kick the show off with a look at Games Workshop’s currant range of games and try to decide which one reigns supreme!

Play In Zero Gravity With A Magnetic Board Game On Kickstarter


District Games are Kickstarting a game using magnets to create a 3D board.  Think you can play in Zero Gravity?

X-Wing Second Edition Soars Out For Release


The time has come to jump into the cockpit and join the fight for the fate of a galaxy far, far away as X-Wing Second Edition swoops out for release. This new edition of the much-loved game features refined rules […]

Catch An Exclusive Glimpse of Infinity’s Celestial Guard

6 days ago 3

Corvus Belli have provided us with an exclusive look at some new models coming out for the Yu Jing and the Imperial Service; the violent soldiers of the Celestial Guard!

Do Robots Dream of Electric Board Games? Inhuman Conditions Now on Kickstarter


Inhuman Conditions is a 2 player, 5-minute interrogation game.  In this chillingly bureaucratical world, an investigator and a suspect sit down in a room together.  The objective: discover whether the suspect is a robot.

The Fourth Doctor Is Joined By His Companions As Warlord Heads Into The Time Vortex


Warlord have a new set for Doctor Who: Into The Time Vortex coming out later this month, letting players recreate the adventures of Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor, alongside his many and varied companions.

Stream Archives: Monsterpocalypse from Privateer Press


It’s time to reach out and crush someone!

Fortnite Finds Its Way Into The World Of Monopoly


The online phenomenon, Fortnite, has found its way to Monopoly…because, why not right?

An Interview With Verge Of War


I’m joined by the guys from Verge of War to talk about their newest Sci-Fi Kickstarter project.

Alien Outlaws & Wasters Hit The Badlands In Strontium Dog


The world of Strontium Dog by Warlord Games groans at the seams with bad guys who need to be put away or eradicated by Johnny Alpha and Co.

Drowned Earth – New Releases On The Way!


Justin is joined by James Baldwin to talk about everything new coming to The Drowned Earth: Miniatures Game.

River Horse’s Hunger Games Board Game Hits Kickstarter In October


River Horse are going to be landing on Kickstarter October 1st 2018 with their Hunger Games: Mockingjay – The Board Game. 

Kill Team Unboxing: Rogue Trader


Pre-orders for Rogue Trader, the expansion to Games Workshop’s boxed skirmish game Kill Team, have opened today so let’s get a look at what you’ll be playing with!

Create A 6mm Desert Cityscape With New Brigade Models Terrain


Brigade Models has been putting together more models for their Sci-Fi worlds but this time around it’s all much smaller scale.

Gangfight Games Close In On Final Hours Of Skirmish Rules Kickstarter


Gangfight Games are closing in on the final hours of their latest Kickstarter to bring their Skirmish Rules to life for any genre!

Weekender: Win Ace PSC Games & End Is Nigh Challenge Winners Announced


We announce the winners of The End Is Night Terrain Challenge and find out what’s new from PSC Games!

Corvus Belli Wraps Up The Infinity Kurage Crisis Campaign!


Carlos runs through the final results of the Infinity Kurage Crisis campaign we ran alongside Corvus Belli this summer!

Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game Kickstarter Storms Through Funding Goal


The Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game Kickstarter is going, as you might expect, quite well.

Let The Infection Spread With Viroid FOSTIA Spiele


It’s time to reclaim the natural world from the toxicity of human endeavor – by any means necessary.

Warlord Games Get Stuck Into A Strontium Dog Playthrough


Warlord Games has put together a playthrough of Strontium Dog.

Steamforged Launches Horizon: Zero Dawn Kickstarter 7pm BST TODAY


Steamforged Games are going to be launching their Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game Kickstarter tonight at 7pm BST.

Let’s Play: Drowned Earth – Round Breakdown


Today we’re back with some Drowned Earth to show off a Round Breakdown so we can learn just how this game plays on the tabletop.

TTCombat Launch Dropfleet Dreadnoughts & Big 2-Up Battleship!


TTCombat has launched a new series of Dropfleet Commander Dreadnoughts. Each of these are mighty ships in their own right, able to take on a myriad of different foes with their various armaments.

Look To The Solar System In Terraforming Mars: Colonies Expansion


Stronghold Games and FryxGames are going beyond the bounds of Mars to explore more planets in the Solar System in Terraforming Mars: Colonies. 

Hunt For Ancient Civilisations & Mining Rights In Magnastorm


The team at Feuerland Spiele are going to be taking you on a journey into outerspace with Magnastorm which should be playable at Essen SPIELE ’18 this year. 

GameMat.Eu’s Ace Kill Team Chem-Zone Terrain Now Available

2 weeks ago 5

Plan out a narrative battlefield for your Kill Team campaigns with new GameMat.Eu Chem-Zone Terrain!

Creature Caster’s King Of Ruin Lays Waste To The Land


Creature Caster has released another hulking brute of a daemon onto their webstore. Here we have the mighty King Of Ruin, the perfect centrepiece for a Fantasy or Sci-Fi army, or maybe just an epic challenge for a painter.

Micro Art Studio Visit Kokkyo’s Markets & Stay A While


Micro Art Studio has released a couple more buildings for their Kokkyo range, each themed around giving you an interesting urban environment to play around in for games like Infinity.