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Send a Package to Beasts of War

If you would like to send a product or package to Beasts of War, please use the address below, also please complete the below form to log your shipment into our tracking and scheduling systems!



If they are complex products that would benefit from being shown assembled please consider sending us a built example in addition to the assembled product in its packaging or at the very least two of the product so we can show an assembled version. (This greatly speeds up the process and can allow products to make it through the process quicker)

Please note that due to the volume of filming and shows output it can be some time before products make it through the process. If you have particular milestones in mind please add them to the form below.

Note: Any customs charges are your responsibility so please label your packages carefully as Commercial Samples. Also include a short letter about your company and some details about each of the products you send.


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