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What Was Revealed At Fantasy Flight Games’ In-Flight Report 2021?


Fantasy Flight Games has dropped the new In-Flight Report at GenCon this year for 2021. What got revealed? Well, here is a little commentary on what we thought of some of the announcements from this year's event.

Visit The Haunting Tillinghast Manor With Warcradle Scenics


Warcradle Scenics has added another big terrain kit to the Wayland Games webstore. Take a trip to the fancier side of Dunsmouth and visit the towering structure that is Tillinghast Manor. I'm sure nothing creepy will happen at the large and imposing house that dominates the skyline.

Hypatia Battlefleet & The Crown Hit Dystopian Wars’ High Seas


Warcradle has been showing off a couple of new pre-orders for Dystopian Wars this month. Both the forces of The Enlightened and The Crown are getting themselves new sets that you can pre-order now and pick up at the end of the month. 

Juggernaut Clashes With The X-Men In Marvel: Crisis Protocol


Things are heating up for fans of the X-Men and Brotherhood Of Mutants in Atomic Mass Games' Marvel: Crisis Protocol. A brand new trailer (done, once again, in the style of an excellent 90s toy/cartoon advert) showed off Juggernaut and more!

Knight Games Talk Gameplay In Escape From Arkham Aslyum


We've seen a lot of the miniatures already but the focus now shifts towards the gameplay aspects that you'll delve into with Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum.

What’s Happening At The Wyrd Booth At GenCon 2021?


Wyrd has bought some incredible goodies with them spanning across different game systems and platforms - so keep your eyes peeled to see what to hunt down at GenCon '21 at the Wyrd Booth. 

Return To The Circle Undone In New Arkham Horror Expansion


If you are a fan of Arkham Horror, there is a new upgrade expansion available through the mist and the fog surrounding the title. As Fantasy Flight Games are taking players on a trip into some brand new spooky and scary content, in Return to the Circle Undone. 

Tortoise And The Hare Return To Malifaux This September


Players who have their hands deep into some Wyrd and wonderful tabletop gaming will be over the moon with the terrifying twosome, heading into Malifaux 3E at the end of the month.

Eight Layers Of Bosses Await In New Cuphead Board Game


Cuphead is not immune! As The Op! Have now announced their dice-rolling game, Cuphead: Fast Rolling Dice Game, coming to all tabletops in Q3 this year.

What Is Victoriana? Sorcery & Steampunk Roleplaying In 5th Edition | Cubicle 7 Interview

1 week ago 6

We dive into another Cubicle 7 Interview as we find out What Is Victoriana? Delve into a world of sorcery and steampunk roleplaying using the mechanics of 5th Edition D&D.

More Villains Teased For Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum


Knight Models have been teasing more of the villains that you'll get to play as when Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum comes to Kickstarter soon! 

Green Hell Board Game Funded In First 7 Hours On Kickstarter!


Fans of the video game series Green Hell better head on over to Kickstarter as the title's board game variation. Being funded in the first 7 hours of the campaign being live, the zombie survival title is being funded more and more by the second.

Dark New Scenario Free To Download For Zombicide!


This week, CMON has released quite the hopping scenario for Zombicide 2nd Edition, where players will take part in the Bunnylympics. Designating tasks to only special heroes up for the job. 

Spider-Man Fights Doc Ock In Crisis Protocol’s Rival Panels Kit


Atomic Mass Games have been putting together a new set of kits to celebrate the rivalries of the Marvel universe. The first of these Rival Panels features Spider-Man Vs Doctor Octopus with new 40mm miniatures and a diorama to frame them. 

Join Mikey, Sloth & Chunk In The Goonies Escape Room


The Op has recently got on board with the reminiscent journey, announcing the upcoming title The Goonies: Escape With One-Eyed Willy's Rich Stuff, set to come out in Q4 of this year.

Horrid Housemates & Fantasy Heroes For Crooked Dice’s 7TV!


Crooked Dice has a few released for September that slot nicely into their weird world of 7TV. We start with a set of characters that will be well known to British hobbyists of a certain age.

Valkyrie Hero Pack Swings It’s Way Into Marvel Champions


Thundering down from the Bifrost of Valhalla, another hero is making it's way into the Marvel super-hero themed card game. Fantasy Flight have just announced their new hero and tasked by Odin herself, this badass warrior will be an incredible tactical advantage for some Midgard madness. Valkyrie is joining the fray, and she is bringing a pre-built Aggression deck to the battle and adding another Asgardian to the table. 

Wyrd Announce Limited Nightmare Edition Boxed Set For 2021


Wyrd is back at it again with the brand new Nightmare Edition boxed set, and this year - Wyrdos are heading under water! Including the newest limited edition alt sculps for Malifaux in the Deepest Depths box, a nautical collectable variant for Neverborn fans with Nekima’s fresh look.

Just How Big Is The New Dystopian Wars Ice Maiden? Building & Painting Warcradle’s Largest Kit!


Want to know just how big that Ice Maiden is for Warcradle's Dystopian Wars? Check out the miniature we've painted up for the studio fleet!

Pre-Orders Now Live For Resident Evil 3: The Board Game


Steamforged Games is now taking pre-orders for both the core game and expansion for Resident Evil 3 - The Board Game. You'll be able to dive into a clash between Jill Valentine and her companions and the terrifying Nemesis! 

Unboxing: Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set | Dystopian Wars

3 weeks ago 3

Dive into an unboxing of the impressive Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set from Warcradle Studios for their 1/1200 naval wargame, Dystopian Wars!

Build Camp Northwood & Try To Survive In Don’t Look Back


Black Site Studio are now taking pre-orders for a new terrain kit for their Horror skirmish game, Don't Look Back. The Camp Northwood pre-painted terrain set is now available on their webstore for delivery in October. 

Atomic Mass Games Embiggen Crisis Protocol’s Ms Marvel!


Atomic Mass Games have another fun miniature coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol soon. Ms Marvel is going to be diving into the fight and making a statement!

Survive The Onslaught Of A Slasher Killer In Last Friday


Consider yourself a horror fan? Enjoy the odd slasher film here and there? Last Friday is a horror board game from Ares Games, that combines hunting and social deduction that places players in the role of young campers attempting to escape the clutches of a murderer on the loose.

Stomp & Slime With New Monsterpocalypse Releases


Privateer Press continue to reveal new options for those diving into the Pulp fun of Monsterpocalypse. If you enjoy monsters smashing their way through cities then this is a game well worth a peek. They have plenty of fun and unique monsters for you to take control of.

Open Your Own Dinosaur Theme Park In Dinosaur World


Have you ever wanted to go to Jurassic Park? I was one of those strange dinosaur kids that knew the name of every dinosaur by the time I was five. However, once I saw the film and Jeff Goldblum’s trick about the water - there was no way you could put me in a park with that madness unfolding. Luckily for us board gamers, we have a backup plan that doesn't require us to leave our own homes. It is the same tactic I took to become a master surgeon and to outswim a shark with my friends. And that is to check out the board game, and Pandasaurus Games has now added Dinosaur Island to their pre-order section on their website.

Mischief & Malice Expansion Coming To Marvel Villainous


A new expansion is on the way from Ravensburger for those wanting to expand the options available to them when playing Marvel Villainous. Mischief & Malice adds three new villains into the mix for you to use in this quick, fun strategy board game.

Explore The Augusta Industrial Terrain Set From Warcradle Scenics


A new set of terrain is available to pre-order from the folks at Warcradle Scenics. This set of 28/32mm terrain would be perfect for those playing games of Mythos although it could be used for all manner of games. See what you make of the Augusta Industrial Terrain Set.

Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 Release Confirmed September 2021


Since March 2021, players have been waiting on the edge of their seats for a scent of news surrounding the release of Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20. Pre-orders went up, and players had been immediately immersed in the themes of the Lovecraftian cosmic horror. The wait is almost over, as Modiphius Entertainment has now announced its release date. So all of those books, dice and accessories that you have pre-ordered - you can expect them to leave Modiphius' warehouse by September 28th 2021. 

New Other Side Starter Box + Malifaux Rules & Gen Con!


This week, Wyrd let us Wyrdos in on a little sneak-peek, looking at two new characters which will be contained in the coveted starter box. However, we won't be looking at how they play in The Other Side, we will be taking a look at their abilities and their chance of survival in a different arena - Malifaux. 

DC Deck Building Game – Updates On Rivals, Rebirth & Injustice!


It seems like an age since there has been some new content for the DC Deck-Building Game, with fans eagerly awaiting new heroes, new systems and growth to see their favourite DC Heroes play out some epic battles on the tabletop. With recent news from Cryptozoic Entertainment, it has now been confirmed that there will be no more releases in 2021, however, there are already some products confirmed for 2022 that will excite fans looking to build their decks for both Rivals and Injustice. 

Unboxing: Punisher & Taskmaster | Marvel: Crisis Protocol

1 month ago 1

We get stuck into an unboxing of the Punisher & Taskmaster set from Atomic Mass Games for their 40mm superhero skirmish game, Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

Funko Bring The Rocketeer To The Tabletop With New Board Game


Funko Games are bringing The Rocketeer to the tabletop as part of a new board game project. The Rocketeer: Fate Of The Future is a new two-player strategy game based on the Disney movie from the 1990s and of course, the comic!

North Star Preview The Silver Bayonet Range For November


North Star Military Figures is once again working with Osprey Games to provide a collection of 28mm metal miniatures for one of their games. The Silver Bayonet from Joseph A. McCullough is coming this November, dropping you into a dark and twisted version of the Napoleonic period. 

Play With A Weather Machine In Vital Lacerda’s New Board Game


Vital Lacerda is known for his complex board games and his upcoming project, Weather Machine, seems to not buck that trend. Eagle-Gryphon Games are seeking to release this fascinating puzzle next year in 2022.

Clamber Into The Hulkbuster Suit For Marvel: Crisis Protocol


Atomic Mass Games dropped another fun preview for those getting stuck into Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Here we get a look at the new Hulkbuster Suit for Iron Man to use when diving into some scraps with the big green!

The Hood Conspires For Control Of NYC In Marvel Champions


Looking to take a break from taking down the Mad Titan in Marvel Champions? There is a brand new scenario pack making way to the tabletop from Fantasy Flight Games this Autumn. Adding The Hood to the library of content and characters embedded into the hero-centric games, it is time to see if the Hood and his band of not-so-merry supervillains can take control of the streets of New York.

Become A Highly-Skilled Engineer In Board Game Corrosion


Would you consider yourself quite the tinkerer? A skilled engineer to put tools to the test and build machines thrust with steam mechanics and oil. Capstone Games have recently announced their partnership with Deep Print Games bringing Corrosion to the tabletop, as players take the responsibility to manage their own engineering shop, whilst simultaneously working on machines to ensure that all runs as smoothly as... a well-oiled machine!

Investigate The Spooky & The Paranormal In Delta Green


When it comes to role-playing games, there truly are so many worlds that we can explore as gamers. Whether we want to visit a universe of whimsy and brutality or visit a world close and familiar to our hearts based on a recognised novel or video game - there are mountains of scenarios and worlds available to dip into - and this library is only getting bigger - thanks to Kickstarter. Yet, it is not just completely fresh content going up on Kickstarter. The ever-so-spooky tabletop RPG Delta Green is taking a revisit to pull in some players of age... and some fresh meat to enter the horror too. 

The Suicide Squad Drop Into Escape From Arkham Asylum


Knight Games has announced that The Suicide Squad are going to make an appearance in their new board game, Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum. 

Survive A Drop Bear Board Game Attack From Platypus Industries


Platypus Industries is working on something quirky and horrifying at the same time. Drop Bears: Survival Series, Chapter 1 is coming to Kickstarter soon. Will you survive the perils of the Australian Bush?

All The Monsters You Need In The King Of Tokyo Monster Box


King of Tokyo Fans! Want to get your hands on a ton of monsters? Well, there is a new Monster Box making way onto our tabletops this October which will include two of the expansions and a new playable monster (which will be familiar to some), plus some new and exclusive cards, a new dice tray and lots of bonus gear for players to cause chaos. If you have needed an excuse to get into King of Tokyo, this Monster Box will be sure to not disappoint. 

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