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The Greylord Taskmaster Is MiniCrate’s July Model Of Choice


Fancy looking after the bestest boy? Well, the new MiniCrate model for July is the Greylord Taskmaster from Privateer Press.

Community Spotlight: Fantasy Vikings, Intrepid Investigators & A Chaotic Master


Come and join us for a look at some Fantasy Vikings, excellent Investigators and a masterful Chaos leader.

Scalebro Take Hamsters On A New Fantasy Quest!


Cartoon Miniatures, also known as Scalebro, are going to be bringing a new range of anthropomorphic animal heroes to the tabletop.

D&D Devils & Heroes Hit The Tabletop From Gale Force Nine


Gale Force Nine, not to be outdone by Wizards Of The Coast announced a whole host of different miniature releases to support what's coming for Descent Into Avernus and Dungeons & Dragons!

D&D Descends Into Avernus & New Starter Sets Coming Soon!


Wizards Of The Coast recently held their The Descent weekend of events which was all focused on exploring the new storyline for Dungeons & Dragons.

Updates & Errata Now Available For Warlord Of Erehwon


Warlord Games has now made available a new PDF which covers all of the burning questions from the community concerning Warlords Of Erehwon.

Black Anchor Blockader Helps You Relieve Stress


Privateer Press' Black Anchor range gets a new miniature, the Mercenary Colossal known as Blockader. 

Talking Taiyo Dynasties


Sam chats with Alex Atkinson from Ulfsark Games about their  Kickstarter for skirmish miniature game Taiyo Dynasties.

Steamforged’s Devil May Cry Kickstarter Ending Soon


Steamforged Games are closing in on the final day or so for the Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace Kickstarter. 

Cubicle 7 Discuss How Tests Work In Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound


We're getting into the nitty-gritty of how the game works now as Cubicle 7 discuss more on Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound, their new role-playing game which is on the horizon.

Knight Models Ally With Grindelwald & His Followers


Knight Models has released a whole bunch of new models for both their Batman/DC Miniatures Game and also the Harry Potter Adventure Game.

Privateer Releases Creepy Grunters & Ghastly Ghouls


Privateer Press has released two new miniatures for those that enjoy Hordes and the Grymkin in particular.

Atlantis’ Wood Elf Kickstarter Goes Live May 22nd


Atlantis Miniatures has now given a date for their newest Kickstarter project. The Wood Elves are emerging from the forest on Thursday, May 22nd.

Let’s Play: Joan of Arc – Battle Mode

2 days ago 11

Justin crosses swords with Leo from Mythic Games in an epic confrontation between light and dark in Joan of Arc.

Modiphius Announce The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms


Mark Latham is now working with Modiphius on The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms.

River Horse Face Filly Sized Follies In New Adventure!


River Horse has added a new adventure into the mix for those still playing campaigns of My Little Pony: Tails Of Equestria. Check out Filly Sized Follies!

Happy Halflings & Necromunda Heroes Arrive This Weekend


Games Workshop and Forge World have been working away on some awesome goodies for those enjoying their Specialist Games.

Privateer Press Take Us Through The Riot Quest Timeline


This year will see the launch of Privateer Press' new game Riot Quest, a hex-based arena skirmish game set in a possible, post-apocalyptic Iron Kingdoms. In a recent post, Privateer Press took a look back in time to exactly how this world got so messed up.

Orcs, Ogres, & Adventurers Take Form On First Legion’s Kickstarter


Fantasy First Legion have gone to Kickstarter to launch their new range of fantasy 28mm heroic miniatures. 

Para Bellum Introduce The Noble Leading Conquest’s Hundred Kingdoms


Para Bellum have presented us with a closer look at the Mounted Noble Lord, one of the only two plastic characters that will be coming in the Conquest Core Box.

Limbo Miniatures Showcase 75mm Sephiria Model


Limbo Miniatures are teaching us that even the strongest of angels can fall with their new beautifully sculpted miniature.

Roll For Adventure In Dice Upon A Time


"How often when we are comfortable, we begin to long for something new!" - Jacob Grimm

Let’s Play: Joan of Arc – Garrison of Saint-Loup


Leo from Mythic Games takes us through a game of Joan of Arc, this time with the additional intrigue and discussion systems!

Become A Viking As North Sea Epilogues RPG Appears For Pre-Order


The North Sea Epilogues, the RPG based upon Garphill Games' popular North Sea series of board games, is now up for pre-order from Renegade Game Studios.

Army Painter Bring Colour To D&D’s Underdark


The Army Painter have announced an expansion to their D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments range, now bringing a splash of colour to the denizens of the Underdark.

Quick Look: Wargames Atlantic – Skeletons, Troopers & RGD Fauns

1 week ago 12

Wargames Atlantic sent over some previews of their latest plastic miniatures so we dived in for a quick look!

Community Spotlight: Old Witches, WWII Germans & Dragon Maidens


Crazy folklore legends, Dragon Maidens and a spot of the Historical caught our eye this week!

MOMminiaturas Raise Spears & Swords With New Soldiers


MOMminiaturas has shown off some more painted examples of their awesome soldiers which could be used by those of you building new Fantasy armies.

Hit The Tavern With BARPIG: After Hours Coming To Kickstarter


The team behind the hilarious BARPIG are coming back to Kickstarter towards the end of May with BARPIG: After Hours. 

Lucid Eye Find A Bear In The Toon Realm Woods


Two new releases popped up from the team at Lucid Eye this week for both Toon Realms and Beyond The Savage Core.

Battle Systems Tease Amazing New Terrain For Kickstarter


Battle Systems showed off an awesome preview of what is coming very, very soon to Kickstarter. Check out this new Fantasy terrain!

New Reroll App Creates Pixel Art Visual Character Sheets


A new app called Reroll has popped up on Kickstarter which looks to create visual character sheets for your Dungeons & Dragons characters using pixel art and a plethora of customisation options. 

Cubicle 7 Reveal Age Of Sigmar Soulbound Starter Set


Tzeentchian terrors await in the Starter Set for Cubicle 7's Age Of Sigmar Role-Playing Game which has now been subtitled Soulbound. 

Prove You Are The Dovahkiin As RISK Heads To Skyrim


Another RISK option is hitting the tabletop which has you venturing into the world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. 

Atlantis Miniatures Preview Their New Wood Elves!


Atlantis Miniatures has been showing off some amazing previews of their upcoming Wood Elf models.

The Eagle Clan Are On The Horizon For GCT’s Bushido


A new miniature is landing soon for GCT Studios' Bushido. Check out the artwork and render for Shiho Hiroto of the Eagle Clan.

Make Sure Not To Anger Northumbrian’s Malfolio Ironbraid!


Northumbrian Tin Soldier has released another of their Beardfolk into the world, Malfolio 'The Hammer' Ironbraid.

Forbidden Power Hits Age Of Sigmar Soon With A BIG Box


Forbidden Power is coming to the world of Age Of Sigmar soon as the next chapter of the Soul Wars saga is uncovered by Games Workshop.

Spellcrow Collect Their Characters Into Cabals


Spellcrow has collected their range of characters into a range of boxes, themed around a particular theme. 

More Battlefield In A Box Terrain Drops This June


Gale Force Nine has shared what's coming this June for their Battlefield In A Box range.

3D Art Digital Unboxing: Orcs & Goblins


Dawn and Gianna are in the studio to talk about the beautiful Orcs and Goblins from 3D Art Digital.

Warcry’s Splintered Fang & What Awaits For Age Of Sigmar


Games Workshop was not about to let Age Of Sigmar fall by the wayside during Warhammer Fest 2019.

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