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FFG Release Two New Custom Scenarios For Lord Of The Rings LCG


Fantasy Flight Games is going to be releasing two of their custom scenarios which were previously playable at events this year like Gen Con.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Of Venice Now Live On Kickstarter


Triton Noir is now on Kickstarter with Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Of Venice.

Original Magic Art Bring New Commander Playmats To Kickstarter


The team at Original Magic Art has taken some new Commander Playmats to Kickstarter which feature full pieces of artwork from the archives of Magic: The Gathering history.

Witchcraft & Wizardry: Custom Rules For Tales From The Loop!

18 hours ago 5

Lance's buddy Michael goes through how he went about translating over the Tales From The Loop rules so that YOU can play out your adventures in the wizarding world of Harry Potter!

Meet Warmachine’s Dashing Baldwin Gearhart & Mr Clogg


Marshal General Baldwin Gearhart & Mr Clogg will be coming to support the Crucible Guard soon. 

Catacombs 3rd Edition Now On Kickstarter


Catacombs has returned with a new Kickstarter campaign. Catacombs 3rd Edition will bring double-sided playmats to the dexterity dungeon crawler!

Trick-Take The Throne In Thrown


Armies collide. Might, manipulation, and just a little luck will ultimately decide who takes the throne!

Archon’s Rampart Magnetised Modular Terrain Now Live On Kickstarter

2 days ago 6

Come and check out some of the terrain options available as part of Archon's new Rampart Kickstarter!

Artipia Kickstart Special Promo Cards After Essen Robbery


Sadly, this year's Essen Spiel saw a number of stands hit by theft. One such company was Artipia Games, creators of A Thief's Fortune and Among The Stars.

Osprey Wake The Unquiet Dead In New Wildlands Expansion


Osprey Games are expanding upon Martin Wallace's Wildlands with The Unquiet Dead which comes out at the end of this month.

Sea Serpents & Dragonlords Released For Lucid Eye’s Toon Realms


Lucid Eye has continued to add to their Toon Realms range with some new monsters, characters and more.

2019’s Clash Of Kings Supplement Goes Up For Pre-Order From Mantic


Mantic's Clash of Kings 2019 organised play supplement for Kings of War has now been released for pre-order.

Become The Best Magician In New Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell Game


“It is curious and we magicians collect curiosities, you know.” - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Exclusive Age Of Sigmar Champions Onslaught Card Reveals!

6 days ago 9

The second wave of cards for Age of Sigmar Champions releases this month and the good folks at Play Fusion have given us EIGHT of the new cards to reveal to you now!

Community Spotlight: Shadespire Warbands, Old School Eldar & First Time Vikings!


We're back in the Mortal Realms and the Grimdark Future as well as going raiding with some fledgeling Vikings!

Stonegate Forge Talk Expansions For Shatterlands Skirmish Game


Stonegate Forge are the creators of a skirmish game called Shatterlands and this week saw them reveal some new expansion sets for this black powder game set in an alternative world.

Senile Sorcery Print & Play Now Available

7 days ago 5

Last Weekender XLBS you may have heard team member @lancorz talk about Senile Sorcery. A game which he's been working on for the past two years in his spare time. Well, now it's ready for you to playtest!

Metal King Reveal Wild Warriors & Crazy Dwarves For RelicBlade


Damn it Metal King Studio! They have only gone and created a new warband which has caught my eye for RelicBlade.

Privateer’s Retribution Ride To War On The Dawnguard Trident


Privateer Press has opened up pre-orders for another of their Black Anchor creations, the Dawnguard Trident for the Retribution Of Scyrah in Warmachine.

Westfalia Prepare For Their Wild & Bestial Feral Lands Kickstarter


Westfalia Miniatures are going to be returning to Kickstarter very soon with their Feral Lands project which looks to bring not only their Elves to the tabletop but also some wild Beastmen too.

Crocodile Games Fight As Corinthian Heroes Of Greek Mythology


Crocodile Games has been building up their Corinthian range for use in WarGods with a couple of new heroes and some warriors to fight beside them. 

New Fantasy Conquistador Adventurers Revealed By Antediluvian


Antediluvian Miniatures are working towards releasing a large range of Fantasy Conquistadors onto the tabletop for you to use in your skirmish games.

Invoke Elemental Spirits In Haven


The mystical forest has been home and haven to beasts, spirits, and forgotten gods for thousands of years. While the Haven Guardian slumbers, a nearby human village has grown into a city, hungry to control the powers of the forest.

Handelabra Games Brings Aeon’s End To Steam


Aeon's End is a cooperative deck-building game where you struggle to defend the city of Gravehold from The Nameless and their hordes using unique abilities, powerful spells, and, most importantly of all, your wits.

Keep An Eye Out For Age Of Sigmar: Champions Onslaught Reveals This Week


PlayFusion is going to be revealing some of the new cards from the Onslaught expansion for Age Of Sigmar: Champions this week.

Head Out On A New Dungeon Crawling Adventure With Sword & Sorcery


The cooperative dungeon delving experience, Sword & Sorcery, is back on Kickstarter from Ares Games with Ancient Chronicles.

Solo & Coop Skirmish Game Rangers Of Shadow Deep Released!


Joseph A. McCullough, the author of Frostgrave has released a new tabletop skirmish game which focuses in on solo and cooperative skirmish gaming on the tabletop.

Grey Fox Go Raiding With Reavers Of Midgard On Kickstarter


Grey Fox Games are building on their impressive Champions Of Midgard series with a new standalone game set within the same Viking universe.

Realm Of Chaos Beasts Clash & A New House Comes To Necromunda


A couple of other updates came out of Games Workshop over the previous weekend that we wanted to take a closer look at.

Law & Disorder Strikes In Diehard’s Newest Kickstarter Campaign


Diehard Miniatures are back on Kickstarter with a new campaign focused on getting you folks both the forces of Law & Disorder from both the realms of Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

Hexarr The Storm Dragon Threatens Your Fantasy Lands


Hexarr The Storm Dragon has been added to the Hexy webstore recently and it's an awesome new Dragon

Meet The New Runerunners From Gangfight Games Latest Project


Gangfight Games are going to be bringing us a new world soon, Runerunners, and it already looks awesome.

Privateer Send You Presents Via Butcher With New MiniCrate Miniature


Privateer Press is getting ready for Christmas already with the reveal of their December MiniCrate Miniature, Butcher Claus.

Face Hell In Monolith’s Claustrophobia 1643 On November 6th!


Delve deeper into the world of Claustrophobia 1643 as Monolith look to hit Kickstarter tomorrow!

Pirates Begin Raiding The Coast Of Zenit’s Kensei


Zenit Miniatures has produced a collection of New Pirates which will be raiding the coast of Kensei.

Lucid Eye Wake The Trees & Reveal New Ziggurat Range


The team at Lucid Eye has been working away on all sorts of new releases for you over the last few days.

Durgin Paint Forge Mount Up In Their Iron Titan


Durgin Paint Forge mount up in an awesome Iron Titan for their epic Fantasy World. Check out this Dwarven creation.

Privateer Show Off Special Hordes & Warmachine Weekend Pre-Releases


Privateer Press is releasing some new models for both Warmachine & Hordes this weekend as part of their big gaming event.

Portal Games Announce Stronghold Expansion Release Date


Portal Games have provided a long-awaited update surrounding Stronghold: Undead. The expansion to the second edition of Stronghold had originally been previewed over two years ago at SPIEL '16, however, no release date had previously been given. That is, until this year's convention.

MOMMiniaturas Give Life To A Massive Chaos Giant


MOMMiniaturas are bringing to life another fantastic creation for those who are building up big Chaos armies.

Burrows & Badgers Beasts Return To Kickstarter


Oathsworn Miniatures are back on Kickstarter for a short and sweet campaign which will bring to life another collection of creatures for you to use in your games of Burrows & Badgers. 

River Horse Bring Frazetta’s Art To Life In New Card & Dice Game


River Horse has taken the artwork of Frank Frazetta and used it to illustrate a new Card & Dice Battle Game which is available now from their webstore. 

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