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Printing In Detail Unleash 10mm Wood Elf Forest Dragon!


Printing In Detail continues to produce some fantastic Fantasy miniatures based on the work by Forest Dragon 3D.

Lucid Eye Unlock The Cosmic Vault & Meet A Frazetta Queen


Lucid Eye has been showing off three new releases for their various collections.

New Edition Of Fantasy Football Game Blood Bowl Sighted!


Blood Bowl is coming back in a big way from Games Workshop. Whilst we saw a few leaks over the last couple of days, Games Workshop made it official yesterday with a new trailer and a better look at the boxed set, rulebook and some new miniatures too.

Puffin Pirates & Furry Faces For Burrows & Badgers


The Burrows & Badgers world from Oathsworn Miniatures is greeting a few new residents after a few more previews popped up on their Facebook Group for the game.

Community Spotlight: Grimdark Leaders, Furry Friends & Deadzone Armies

1 day ago 6

Some great new miniatures this week from the realm of the grimdark, something more High Sci-Fi and also a bit furry too.

Mythic Games Preview Darkest Dungeon Board Game


Mythic Games took the final day of GenCon Online to reveal their new Kickstarter project coming later this year, Darkest Dungeon, based on the hit video game. 

Take On Epic Encounters & Furry Friends With Steamforged


Steamforged Games has been showing off some of what's coming soon from them. We start off with the Epic Encounters collection which looks to be a new way to pick up a bunch of fantastic miniatures to use in your roleplaying games. 

New Crews Hove Into View For The Pirates Of The Dread Sea


Dead Earth Games are currently on Kickstarter looking to expand the world of Pirates of the Dread Sea with two new fantasy crews and some fantastical creatures. If you have missed Pirates of the Dread Sea it is a fast-paced tabletop skirmish game for two or more players.

Catch Up On The FFG In-Flight Report; Star Wars, Marvel & More


Last night, Fantasy Flight Games held their In-Flight Report which was a rundown of all of the new products they have coming up over the next few months and into 2021.

Kromlech Launch Their Summer Kitbash Contest & A Sneak Peek!


The team at Kromlech have announced their new Summer Kitbash Contest where you can get involved and show off your creations using their extensive bitz range. 

Raging Heroes Show Off Winter Fairies Patreon Range For August


Raging Heroes has now revealed the big selection of miniatures that will be up for offer in August on their Heroes Infinite Patreon.

VLOG: D&D Display Dungeon Part #3 | Adding Narrative #DungeonBuild

1 week ago 29

In this video, we're looking at adding narrative to this dungeon display and building on the diorama that Warren is looking to set up.

Venture Into 7TV Fantasy & Beware The Jabberwock My Son!


Based on the Jabberwock from the classic nonsense poem by Lewis Carroll, Crooked Dice have employed the skills of Andrew May to create something massive for use in 7TV Fantasy. See what you think of this fearsome wargaming beast!

Raging Heroes Reveal Patreon Loyalty Reward; A Chaos Dragon!


Raging Heroes this week revealed the loyalty reward that you'll get if you've been with them as part of the Heroes Infinite Patreon for at least three months (starting April/May).

GCT Prepare For Gen-Can’t Sale & New Bushido Pre-Orders


GCT Studios has been talking about their new Bushido Gen-Can't Sale which is going to be happening over the weekend of 30th July to the 2nd August.

Community Spotlight: A Song Of Ice & Fire, Infinity + Clones & Clankers


Come and take a peek at more painting from our community with a look at two Sci-Fi worlds and a Fantasy one this week!

Unboxing: Abyssal Dwarf Infernox | Kings Of War Vanguard

1 week ago 8

We're back looking at more from Mantic Games for Kings Of War and Vanguard with the Abyssal Dwarf Infernox, a monstrous new wargaming miniature for you to use in your tabletop games.

Warlord Games Battle With Their New Daimyo & Oni Ogres


Warlord Games has released two new packs of miniatures for those playing Warlords Of Erehwon.

Grab Limited Edition “King’s Coffers” Moonstone Miniatures


One of our favourite games and ranges, Moonstone from Goblin King Games, is having a sale soon to celebrate the period of GenCon 2020.

Pre-Orders Now Live For Conquest Start Playing Army Bundles

2 weeks ago 7

Para Bellum Wargames has fired up their pre-orders for their Start Playing Army Boxes which give you a quick and easy way to dive into playing Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings.

CMON’s Bloody Mummers Cavalry Ride Into A Song Of Ice & Fire


CMON has another unit lined up for released quite soon if you're a fan of A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. This time around it is a band of mercenaries, the Bloody Mummer Zorse Riders.

Plot & Scheme With The Twisted Quirrell From Knight Models


Building on the options for the Harry Potter Miniature Adventure Game, Knight Models also showed off the twisted and deceiving Quirrell from The Philosopher's Stone for use in their tabletop game.

VLOG: D&D Display Dungeon Part #2 | Dry-Fitting The Dungeon #DungeonBuild

2 weeks ago 28

Warren is getting creative with us today and continuing his VLOG series where he tracks the building of his epic 28mm D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) Display. It's dry-fitting time!

D&D Adventure Begins Offers Up Introduction To Dungeon Delving


D&D Adventure Begins continues in the tradition of Wizards Of The Coast producing shorter Dungeons & Dragons based experiences for younger audiences.

Knight Models Introduce Us To First Year Harry Potter & Friends


Knight Models are not content on just introducing new miniature kits for Batman and DC as they also provided a preview of the new Harry Potter, Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger set which is coming this weekend for the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game.

North Star Fire Up Frostgrave 2nd Edition Pre-Orders & Plastic Kits


North Star Military Figures are now taking pre-orders for the new Frostgrave 2nd Edition Rulebook plus a bunch of additional miniatures which support the game. With pre-orders of the main Rulebook, you'll have the added bonus of getting your hands on the Thaumaturge Apprentice Wizard to match the new master miniature.

The Cats Of Crumpton Jump Forth From Northumbrian Tin Soldier


Last year in more normal times Northumbrian Tin Soldier ran a Kickstarter for the totally reasonable idea of creating a set of cat people to replace the classes of  D&D 5th edition. Thus was born the Curious Case of the Cats of Crumptown. Now this majestic collection of feline fighters is finally available for all your tabletop needs.

The Ugruk-tar Iron Skull Goblins Get Reinforced By Spellcrow


Spellcrow have been unleashing a wealth of fantasy miniatures in both 28mm and 10mm recently as they flesh out the world of Argatoria. But before you get caught up in the tiny world of 10s it's worth remembering that they already have a great range of 28s along with a skirmish game that you can download for free from their website Umbra Turris.

TH Miniatures Terrain Expands To The Desert & Wilderness


TH Miniatures has been making superb fantasy terrain for the last five years, and with the release of the Ragnarok terrain packs Thierry has continued to knock it out of the park.

Oathsworn Tease A Weary Badger & A Cunning Mouse Swordsman


Oathsworn Miniatures has teased a few more sculpts which are on the Fantasy workbench right now.

VLOG: D&D Display Dungeon Part #1 | Warren’s Plan #DungeonBuild

2 weeks ago 33

Warren is getting creative with us today and delving into a new VLOG series where he tracks the building of his epic D&D Display Dungeon using the Archon Studio Dungeons & Lasers tabletop terrain. 

Slave 2 Gaming Release Grim Fantasy 15mm Range


Slave 2 Gaming has stepped into the realm of Grim Fantasy with its new collection.

Community Spotlight: Battle Sisters, Flames Of War Brits & Burrows & Badgers!


Come and join us this week for another Community Spotlight looking at Warhammer 40,000, Flames Of War and a bit of Burrows & Badgers

Crooked Dice Release Their Lighting Fast Felines


Crooked Dice has a new back of heroes for you to choose from when it comes to your Sci-Fi and/or Fantasy games.

Artel Miniatures Wow With New Fantasy RPG Characters


Artel W Miniatures has been working away on a new range of Fantasy characters which are themed to the classic options available for dungeon delvers in the likes of D&D.

Warploque Show Off Their Finished Giantess Miniature


Warploque Miniatures have shown off their finished ArcWorlde Giantess model that we looked at in its work-in-progress form a few weeks ago.

Russian Alternative Preview Finished Hobgoblin Renders


The Russian Alternative has shared some more finished render work for their upcoming Hobgoblins who are going to be supporting their Chaos Dwarves as they rampage across Fantasy tabletops.

Meet Avatars Of War’s Grim Dwarf Berserker Fantasy Footballer


Avatars Of War continue to build on their Fantasy collection with a Fantasy Football player this time around.

Hire Unsullied Swordmasters Into Your A Song Of Ice & Fire Army


CMON has another new released lined up for A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. This time, they are releasing wargaming miniatures for House Targaryen with the Unsullied Swordmasters. 

Dragons! Vorago Draconis Coming Soon From Khurasan


Khurasan Miniatures have been working away on a rather fun little project recently. Here is the massive wargaming miniature Dragon, Vorago Draconis!

Crooked Dice Announce Their Upcoming Fantasy Game For 7TV


Crooked Dice have just announced that they are working on a set of rules for their incredibly popular 7TV to move the action away from classic TV shows and Pulp movies and into the realms of the fantastical.

The Many Faces Of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings


Meet some of the personalities from the world of Conquest by Para Bellum Wargames with a series of portraits and lore segments that have popped up recently!

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