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Flames Of War – Villers-Bocage 80th Anniversary Battle [Catch Up Now]


Join Gerry and John for a re-fight of the World War II clash at Villers-Bocage as part of the 80th Anniversary celebration. Using Flames Of War and two 15mm scale armies, Gerry will be taking on the role of the Germans whilst John is commanding the British. Who will be the victor?

Community Spotlight: Viking Raiders, Burma British & Trench Crusade!

4 days ago 3

Join us for this week's Community Spotlight as we have a peek at some ace Viking raiders, the British in sweltering Burma and a something different with Trench Crusade!

Victrix’s 28mm Medieval Knights Available To Pre-Order!


Victrix are now taking pre-orders for their new 28mm plastic Medieval Knights which are no doubt going to become a fixture of many, many Historical armies. 

Go Behind Enemy Lines With War Story: Occupied France


Osprey Games has talked a bit more about one of their upcoming board games that we're really excited for. War Story: Occupied France was announced a few months ago now but after recently talking with the team from Osprey, it seemed worth putting this one on your radar for its October release date.

Unboxing: Painting War – World War 2 British And Commonwealth | Miniaturama Publishing

5 days ago 2

With the theme of the past few weeks being World War 2 wargaming, Gerry has a look at Issue 14 of Painting War by Miniaturama Publishing which looks at painting guides for your British and Commonwealth soldiers. A very handy guide if you've been inspired by D-Day.

New Seven Years’ War Austrians Join Eagle Figure’s Collection


Eagle Figures have added a selection of new miniatures to their webstore for those looking to expand their Austrian armies for the Seven Years' War. These 28mm metal command figures can be slotted into your armies to lead the way.

Waterloo’s French Cavalry Commanders Pop Up From Warlord


Warlord Games has added a new set of Warlord Resin miniatures to their Black Powder range for Waterloo. French Cavalry Commanders lead the way, making sure that your troops end up in the right place at the right time. They all look rather splendid. 

Testudo Miniatures Launching New Medieval Kickstarter Soon


Testudo Miniatures are going to be coming to Kickstarter soon with another range of 28mm metal miniatures for use in your Medieval wargames. Both Christian Amerise and Giuseppe Rava have been working hard on some miniatures representing Historical characters as well as infantry for Polish and European armies. 

The Strange Ranger Rides Into Knuckleduster’s Gunfighter’s Ball


Knuckleduster Miniatures has released a couple of new sets for those wanting to dive deeper into their Gunfighter's Ball range. Leading the way is a new mounted set in 28mm for those wanting to play out the adventures of The Strange Ranger And Toronto.

D-Day Anniversary VLOG! Building Villers-Bocage | Part 4 (Finale)


Gerry dives into the third part of their Villers-Bocage Flames Of War VLOG which is celebrating the 80th Anniversary Of D-Day. In this final video of the series, Gerry takes a look at a map for the scenario and talks about a quick and cheap way of replicating its layout on the tabletop for the final clash.

Dive Into Firelock’s Piratical Skirmishes With Port Royal!


Port Royal, the new pirate skirmish game from Firelock Games is now live on Kickstarter AND it is funded! Choose your company or crew and dive into a 28mm skirmish game set in Port Royal which has been hit by the 1692 earthquake to see what plunder you can gain from its ruins.

Soldier Of Fortune, 1st Lt Richard Winters Returns To Bolt Action


1st Lt Richard Winters has returned to Warlord Games' Bolt Action with a new Soldier Of Fortune miniature that has dropped in just in time for the 80th Anniversary of D-Day. The 28mm World War II miniature can be snapped up right now.

Try Out Warlord’s Scipio With Your Hail Caesar Epic Battles Miniatures


When you get your big Hannibal Battle Set for Hail Caesar Epic Battles from Warlord Games, you will also get a slim rulebook and everything else you need for playing out a second wargame called Scipio. 

D-Day Anniversary VLOG! Painting 15mm WW2 British Infantry | Part 3


John and Gerry dive into the third part of their Villers-Bocage Flames Of War VLOG which is celebrating the 80th Anniversary Of D-Day. In this next part of the series, John and Gerry discuss the painting of their 15mm British Infantry for use in the battle.

Let’s Play: Fistful Of Lead – Reloaded | Wiley Games

3 weeks ago 7

Gerry and Ben dive into a Let's Play of Fistful Of Lead: Reloaded from Wiley Games. This is an old-fashioned 28mm Wild West showdown with Ben running a band of Lawmen whilst Gerry takes control of an Outlaw gang.

Great Escape Arm Their New Chicaco Way Peaky Blinders


Great Escape Games have added some new miniatures to their webstore for use in The Chicago Way. The Peaky Blinders are getting themselves some well-armed reinforcements who might need to be called in when the fighting heats up.

New American Civil War Officers & A Young Nelson For Black Powder


Warlord Games has released some new Officer miniatures for use in Black Powder games. If you're tackling the American Civil War in 28mm then you might want these new Officers for both the Confederates and the Union.

Unboxing: Hail Caesar Epic Battles Miniatures Preview | Warlord Games

3 weeks ago 2

Gerry gets a look at some preview sprues for the new Hail Caesar Epic Battles: The Punic Wars wargames by the team at Warlord Games. Find out what the sprues are like ahead of getting your pre-orders in for this Ancient wargame.

Snap Up New Bronze Age Chariots Sets From Wargames Atlantic


Wargames Atlantic are taking pre-orders for a couple of new plastic sets for your 28mm wargames. We start with their Bronze Age Chariots pack which is going to be handy for anyone amassing forces from this period. 

Draw Blood On The Sands With V&V Miniatures’ Gladiators


V&V Miniatures has released two sets of 28mm Gladiators for doing battle on the sands of the arena in your Historical wargames. There are eight miniatures for you to choose from, all in their signature resin that they have been using for years.

Build A New Medieval Tabletop With PWork Wargames Terrain


PWork Wargames has recently added some new 28mm Fantasy and Historical terrain to their collection for those wanting to build interesting battlefields. There are some great Medieval-themed buildings which would be great for all manner of different games.

D-Day Anniversary VLOG! Painting 15mm WW2 British Armour | Part 2

3 weeks ago 2

John and Gerry dive into the second part of their Villers-Bocage Flames Of War VLOG which is celebrating the 80th Anniversary Of D-Day. In this video, they discuss painting the 15mm British tanks from Battlefront Miniatures that will be used in the skirmish.

Watch Out For Firelock Games’ Port Royal Coming Soon! [Updated]


Firelock Games' Port Royal, a new pirate-based skirmish game, will be coming to Kickstarter soon. This game of small warbands battling it out over the titular Port Royal will be launching on Kickstarter 5th June!

Unboxing: Achtung Panzer! – Blood & Steel Starter Set | Warlord Games

3 weeks ago 2

Gerry unboxes and reviews the new Achtung Panzer! Blood & Steel Starter Set from Warlord Games, allowing you to dive into some 28mm tank-based combat in World War II. See what we make of the contents of the set.

Community Spotlight: Border Reivers, Victorian Dredd & Covenanter


In this week's Community Spotlight, we dive into some Border Reivers, a twist on a classic board game and some awesome Civil War miniatures at an epic scale.

Warlord Announce First Armies Book For Bolt Action 3rd Edition


Warlord Games has announced the first of their Armies Books for Bolt Action Third Edition which is coming later this year in September. Arriving in early 2025, you'll be able to get your hands on Armies Of Germany for their 28mm World War II wargame.

TundraWorks Bring Revolutionary Miniatures & Rules To Kickstarter


TundraWorks Miniatures are now on Kickstarter with their new set of rules for playing out the battles of Revolutionary France and the Napoleonic era in 15mm/18mm. Alongside the rules, there is also a range of miniatures for representing the different nations taking part in revolutions all across the world. 

Pre-Order Matt Bickley’s Mighty Viking Miniatures


If you missed out on Matt Bickley's Viking Kickstarter from Footsore Miniatures & Games, you can now get stuck in and pre-order through their Pledge Manager which has been open for a little while. 

Let’s Play: Force Of Virtue – Hunting For Information! | Masterstroke Games

4 weeks ago 0

In this second Let's Play for Force Of Virtue, Gerry and the team from Masterstroke Games get stuck into a scenario where Gerry's forces are surrounded on all sides. This is the second game in our mini-campaign for this Renaissance-era skirmish wargame.

Dive Into The Plains War Range From Brigade Games At Retail


Brigade Games' Plains War range in 28mm, sculpted by Paul Hicks, is now available at retail. If you missed out on the Kickstarter then you can dive in and explore the entire range including some big bundles for both the US Cavalry and Native Americans.

Check Out Kromlech’s New Range Of Terrain Tiles


Kromlech has released a new set of Terrain Tiles to help you craft interesting battlefields across a variety of genres. All of these have been crafted out of HDF and come in various styles to match different landscapes.

Use Warlord’s New Cuirassier To Protect Pike & Shotte Baggage


Warlord Games has some new kits for you to dive into for Pike & Shotte Epic Battles and the English Civil War. If you're looking to thunder across the battlefield and deliver a hail of shot from your pistols then you can't go too far wrong with a regiment of Cuirassiers.

Grab Updated Weapon Teams & Gurkhas For Warlord’s Bolt Action


Warlord Games has a few updated Weapon Teams and more for use in their World War II 28mm wargame, Bolt Action. A couple of new sets are on the way alongside a Gurkha Section for battling in the Far East.

Indie Of The Week ... 64 UPDATES!

4 weeks ago 26

Check out our Indie Of The Week picks from each OnTableTop Weekender! Whether it's a great Sci-Fi wargaming range, a new Fantasy epic or something for the discerning Historical wargamer, you'll be able to find our weekly segments within!

Fight Out A Medieval Skirmish With Here’s The Ruckus Rules


Andy Callan’s Never Mind The Billhooks which has evolved in different ways to include some naval shenanigans is now entering the arena of Medieval skirmishes in 28mm. Here’s The Ruckus is available as part of the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated with resources online to help those diving in.

D-Day Anniversary VLOG! The Battle Of Villers-Bocage In 15mm – Planning WW2 Armies | Part 1


Join us for the start of a brand new VLOG series where Gerry and John dive into a discussion on planning the 15mm World War 2 Flames Of War armies and more for The Battle Of Villers-Bocage as part of our D-Day Anniversary coverage.

Dive Into Hail Caesar Epic Battles With Warlord’s Hannibal Battle Set


Warlord Games are now taking pre-orders for their newest addition to the Epic Battles range. Hail Caesar Epic Battles goes Ancient and you can get started in their small-scale wargame with the Hannibal Battle Set featuring Romans going up against Carthaginians. 

Grab An Anniversary D-Day Army For Battlefront’s Flames Of War


In the build-up to D-Day, Battlefront Miniatures are putting together some new bundled armies for those looking to play out an accurate clash on the tabletop in their 15mm wargame, Flames Of War. If you're looking to take on the role of the Axis or the Allies, you should have a set for you.

Community Spotlight: Arthurians, Conquest Ghols & Bauhaus Imperial Guard

1 month ago 1

We get a look at some old Arthurian miniatures getting an update for Spring, some awesome Ghols for Conquest and an Imperial Guard army inspired by Bauhaus.

Grab New World War II 20mm US Paratroopers From AB Figures


AB Figures now has some neat 20mm US Paratroopers for you to scoop up for use in World War II wargaming. There are three different sets for you to choose from allowing you to create a pretty decent infantry element for your army.

Knuckleduster’s Wild West Avenging Angels Mount Up


Knuckleduster Miniatures added another set of miniatures to their webstore for Gunfighter's Ball. If you're looking to clean up a town or two then you can now get the Avenging Angels on horseback, ready to ride out and hunt down varmints! 

D-Day Forces Of Normandy Returns For Flames Of War


Battlefront Miniatures are going to be releasing a revamped D-Day book to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the invasion of Europe and the fight back against Axis occupation. If you're into Flames Of War, then you'll be able to get a book collating all of the information you need for 15mm wargaming during the period.

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