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Let’s Face It, Ads Are Not Popular (Understatement of the year right there!)

We totally get that, but we are faced with the day-to-day challenge of funding this platform and as it has grown, the costs have grown a lot. It's fair to say it can be a bit of a struggle at times!

We have two main ways of funding OnTableTop: Advertising & Cult of Games Premium Supporters. We try to keep the two evenly balanced, so we have the independence we need from companies to allow both ourselves and our community to speak freely without undue pressure from any single company or organisation.


We committed from the start to only show adverts that relate to our industry. We don't have any ad networks or adverts for non-related things like cryptocurrencies, tongue cleaners, loan sharks etc.

The ads you see here on this platform relate to Tabletop Gaming. Period.

Small companies rely on our advertising to help them let you guys know about their projects and products and we are proud to provide them with an independent platform where they can reach the best community in the world. We also want to always give some help to the little guy where we can, so we don't do exclusives and we don't allow another potential advertiser to block us from working with a competitor (this stance is important for both independence and integrity).

The Cult of Games (And How You Can Directly Help)

If you would like to help us directly, and optionally turn off the advertising for a faster browsing experience, by joining the Cult of Games you can do just that - and we’d be honoured to have you as a fellow cultist!

This platform and community wouldn’t survive without the small, but massively important payments of £3.79 our Cult members make each month.

In return we work on exclusive content and platform features as a small thank you, but really your Cult of Games membership helps pay for everything, including all the free content we put out every day and gives us a funding source completely independent of advertisers. This provides the community with the strength and integrity it needs to stand up for itself.

To join the Cult of Games you first need to Create a Free OnTableTop Account or Log In

How To Turn Off Ads As A Cult of Games Member

Here is the simple process for turning off Ads:

  • Head to your profile

  • Select “Edit”

  • Go to “Advertising Preferences”

  • Select “Ads Off” from the drop-down menu

Would You Like To Make A One Off Donation?

Sometimes folk choose to show their support through a one-off donation. Every donation we receive means we set aside some Cult of Games Memberships that we give out to members who fall on hard times (because it happens to us all at times in our life).

So, when we hear about a community member in distress we try to do our best to help them stay connected to somewhere where they can switch off for a while and just enjoy some hobby.

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