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Weekender: Win 40K Shadowspear & GW TOP TRUMP?

5 hours ago 44

We're chatting with Needy Cat Games today about their upcoming Newbury & Hobbes board game project and much more!

Dark Ops Tease Upcoming Dark Dungeon Terrain


Dark Ops are teasing some new terrain coming our way for those who love their dungeon delves. The Dark Dungeon range is on the way; modular and magnetic. 

Puppets War Give Their Sci-Fi Warriors A Samurai Edge


Puppets War has been adding some new options into the mix for those looking to build Sci-Fi soldiers. Check out the Samurai Reaper Helmets and traditional Samurai Helmets.

Bolt Action Unboxing: M4 Sherman Crocodile

2 days ago 1

Breakout the marshmallows as we break down the M4 Sherman Crocodile flamethrower tank for Bolt Action from Warlord Games.

Frostgrave: The Wizard’s Conclave Releasing Soon


Osprey Games is closing in on the release date for Frostgrave: The Wizard's Conclave which brings together a myriad of different authors adding their own scenarios into the mix for this skirmish game. 

Hire From MOMminiaturas’ Marienburg Company


MOMminiaturas has taken to Kickstarter with their latest range of Fantasy releases. You can join up with their Marienburg Warband and make some money in the Old World.

Warlord Games Unveil Tesla Anti-Tank Gun


Warlord Games have returned with a new Konflikt '47 weapon. Designed by US scientists to decimate their enemy, America has discovered how to wield the power of their new, field-ready Tesla Cannon!

Punga Miniatures Announce New Fantasy Football Team


Avast,ye landlubbers! There be some keelhaulin' to do, cos I smell a rat! Punga Miniatures have released preview images for their latest fantasy football team, and they'll steal your booty and your brie!

Community Spotlight: Ultramarines, HeroQuest Foes & KeyForge Travellers!


Come and join us for another look into what you've been doing in our project section with some great painting and designing!

Forge Of Doom Brings Classic Fantasy Characters To Life


Forge Of Doom has called on the sculpting prowess of Boris Woloszyn Miniatures as three new characters get added to their webstore, each with a familiar look to them.

Deep Cut Get Techie With New ALEPH Infinity Mat


Deep Cut Studio has designed a new mat for their collaboration with Corvus Belli. This time around we're seeing their ALEPH Mat for those getting stuck into games of Infinity.

Experience Heavy Metal Combat In Osprey’s Ragnarok


Osprey Games are going to be working with Tim Korklewski to bring Ragnarok to the tabletop soon.

3D Print Terrain Assemble An Anglo-Saxon Settlement


3D Print Terrain from Germany are on Kickstarter looking for funding to bring their collection of STL Files to life for those looking to build an Anglo-Saxon Settlement on the tabletop.

Battle To Hold The Dwarven Defences With Mini Monsters


Mini Monsters has been working away on a new terrain piece for those who want to build their perfect Dwarven fortress.

Otherworld Unleash New Monsters On Dungeon Delvers


Today we're going to be having a look at the new monsters and more that they also released over the weekend.

Fight Over A Downed AT-ST In Star Wars: Legion


Fantasy Flight Games has been working away on a new terrain piece and objective for use in Star Wars: Legion. Here we have the new Downed AT-ST coming soon.

Gorge & Gunsling With Latest Characters For Warmachine


Privateer Press is keeping the releases coming for Warmachine with a few new characters and a new unit dropping over the past few weeks.

Warlord Take Hail Caesar Back To The Age Of Bronze Soon


Prepare your Hittites and your Egyptians as Warlord Games are preparing to take folks back to the Age Of Bronze with a new supplement for Hail Caesar going up for pre-order soon.

MaxMini Unearth Dark Foes With Their Stygian Skulls Set


MaxMini has unearthed some new Stygian Skulls, no doubt attached to the bodies of some very angry (and long dead) creatures.

2000AD On The Tabletop: Part Four – Past, Present & Future

5 days ago 4

We're back with Moji after a bit of a hiatus as he finishes off his series on 2000AD in its many guises; past, present and future!

Beware Grimm The Wolf Down In The Toon Realms Woods!


If you go down to the woods today you might find Grimm The Wolf stalking through the undergrowth, looking for someone to chomp!

Pre-Orders Open For Beautiful Hagglethorn Hollow Terrain


Tabletop Troubadour Games are opening up Pre-Orders for those that missed out on the Hagglethorn Hollow terrain which was up on Kickstarter last year.

Otherworld Go Questing With Evil Adventurers


We're checking out a massive array of new adventurers added into the mix by Otherworld Miniatures today.

The Dreaded Ambull Finds It’s Way Into Blackstone Fortress


The Dreaded Ambull is getting added into the mix for Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress as a new expansion from Games Workshop, offering you a new foe to face.

Scouts & Skulls: Artel W Release New Miniatures


Artel W Miniatures have released images of their latest 28mm and 54mm characters.

WoFun Games March Plexiglass Armies Onto The Tabletop


WoFun Games have set out with a mission to bring history into the home, creating beautiful and immersive tabletop historical battles with hundreds of figurines.

Weekender XLBS: Surviving An Asteroid Apocalypse!


We're back for Weekender XLBS today with a big question for you. How on earth would you survive a massive asteroid crashing into the planet?

Hvarl Red-Blade Leads His Space Wolf Great Company Into Battle


Hvarl Redblade has been put up for pre-order by the folks at Forge World so the Jarl Of The Fourth Great Company is now ready to roll out and bring death to his enemies in true Space Viking style. 

Check Out Gorilla With A Brush’s Painting Tip Videos!


Gorilla With A Brush has done some sterling work on painting the ace Dwarves from Atlantis Miniatures and so they hosted a series of videos from him on painting one of the female characters from the set.

Transport Troops Around With Kromlech’s Polish Army Truck


Kromlech Historical are adding to their Polish range with another new vehicle. This time around we're looking at the Polish Army FIAT 621L Truck. 

Dunkeldorf Show Off New Sketches & First Metal Miniatures


We're seeing new characters and how progress is going for Dunkeldorf Miniatures as they prepare for a Kickstarter in March.

Weekender: WIN New Age Of Sigmar Two-Player BATTLEBOX & Roman RISK!

1 week ago 234

We delve down into some awesomeness from a full week of tabletop gaming on The Weekender as the folks from UK Games Expo join us in the studio.

Explore The Ruins Of Stormguard With New 3D Printable Terrain


M. Chabot is on Kickstarter looking for funding to bring a set of new 3D Printable Terrain to the tabletop.

Test Of Honour Unboxing: Ninjas Of Iga


Hold onto your katanas samurai fans, we're unleashing a clan of deadly ninjas for Test of Honour from Warlord Games.

E. Stoatbart & Sons Transport Goods In Burrows & Badgers


Oathsworn Miniatures has been sharing some of the work they've been doing now the Kickstarter for Burrows & Badgers is delivered.

Shadowspear Battlebox Brings New Miniatures To Warhammer 40,000


Games Workshop has designed a new Battlebox for use in Warhammer 40,000 featuring Space Marines going up against Chaos Space Marines in Shadowspear.

New Armies & Small Clashes In Age Of Sigmar Las Vegas Open Previews


The Las Vegas Open brings new previews from Games Workshop for fans of Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar and it starts with the announcement of a whole range of new Battletomes to be released throughout the year for each of the Grand Alliances. 

Unboxing: Post-Apocalypse Prison Terrain


Let's check out Plast Craft Games' range of post-apocalyptic prison terrain pieces for all your 28mm porridge needs!

New Warrior Thanes Join The Troll Wars Of The Elf King


Lucid Eye continues to build an impressive world full of rich characters for their game, The Red Book Of The Elf King.

Bossk & Sabine Wren Revealed As New Star Wars: Legion Operatives


Bossk and Sabine Wren are the new Operatives dropping for Star Wars: Legion soon thanks to Fantasy Flight Games.

Community Spotlight: Beautiful Fallout Terrain, Classic SLA & Prussians!


We're looking to the Post-Apocalypse and then back to the Napoleonic in this week's Community Spotlight.

A New Band Of V&V Miniatures Pagan Rus Get Ready For War


V&V Miniatures has been adding to their growing Dark Age range with some new Pagan Rus. This new set of resin creations are available on their webstore now.

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