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Conquer The Seas With New Monsterpocalypse Releases


Privateer Press has released three new sets for those delving into Monsterpocalypse.

Sarissa Precision Build Up An Industrial Battlefield


Sarissa Precision has now released a new set of terrain which works for those battling through an industrial landscape.

Shadowy Folk & Musicians New From Footsore Miniatures


A new range of different characters have been added into the mix for Footsore Miniatures & Games' Mortal Gods and Gangs Of Rome.

Brigade Face Their Waterloo With New 2mm Terrain


Brigade Models have expanded their Small Scale Scenery range with a set of 2mm buildings from the battlefields of Waterloo.

Battle Systems Tease Amazing New Terrain For Kickstarter


Battle Systems showed off an awesome preview of what is coming very, very soon to Kickstarter. Check out this new Fantasy terrain!

PWork Wargames Release Eight New Kill Team Mats


PWork Wargames has just released eight new Kill Team compatible mats which you can find HERE in their neoprene material. 

Forbidden Power Hits Age Of Sigmar Soon With A BIG Box


Forbidden Power is coming to the world of Age Of Sigmar soon as the next chapter of the Soul Wars saga is uncovered by Games Workshop.

More Battlefield In A Box Terrain Drops This June


Gale Force Nine has shared what's coming this June for their Battlefield In A Box range.

Deep-Cut Set The Table For Malifaux 3rd Edition Games


Deep-Cut Studio has added ten new mats into the mix for those looking to get stuck into Malifaux 3rd Edition by Wyrd Games.

Defend Hobbiton In New Scouring Of The Shire Sourcebook


Games Workshop is going to give you a chance to play our Saruman's attempted conquest of this sleepy corner of Middle-earth with a new sourcebook.

Undead Graveyard III Kickstarter Provides Truly Terrifying Terrain


Hammerlot Games have emerged once again from the ethereal mists to bring forth a contorted offering of truly terrifying terrain in their Undead Graveyard III Kickstarter!

Gamecraft’s Latest Terrain Takes Us To The Middle East


Take the fight into the desert with this new piece of Middle Eastern terrain from Gamecraft Miniatures!

TTCombat Bodge Up Some Orcy Barricades


TTCombat have one last wave of Orc Terrain coming out this Friday, a series of walls they are bundling together to create a massive Orc Stronghold.

Stay Safe In Sarissa’s Secure Compound


Sarissa Precision have released a new Secure Compound set to give your miniatures a place to weather the zombie apocalypse.

Battle Across PWork Wargames’ Urban Sector Mat


PWork Wargames designed a very cool looking mat not long ago, the Urban Sector.

Titan Terrain NZ Take Us Out To A Dockside Pub


Titan Terrain NZ has shared another preview of what they have been working on.

Micro Art Bundle Up Their Imperial Scenery For Star Wars Legion


Micro Art Studio are getting into the May the 4th spirit with a new terrain set for Star Wars: Legion.

Tiny Furniture Set You Up With Blacksmithing & Books


Tiny Furniture has re-released some updated pieces of terrain for you to use when doing the set dressing of your tabletops.

Draw Swords & Defend 3DAlienWorlds’ Samurai Farm Set


3DAlienWorlds has designed another set of 3D printable files for you to add to your collection.

Unboxing: Mini Monster Terrain

3 weeks ago 16

Justin and Gerry take a look at some fine accoutrements for your tabletop with Mini Monsters.

Titan Terrain NZ Take Refuge In New World War II Church


Titan Terrain NZ has a new terrain piece that you might be interested in if you're looking to storm through France during World War II. Check out this rather fancy looking Church.

Deep Cut Take You Spelunking With New Mat


Deep-Cut Studio has a new mat for those that might be considering a dungeon delve soon. See what you make of the Cave Mat.

Weekender: New Sci-Fi Game Breachstorm & WIN New Slaanesh Goodies!


You could win yourself the brand new Slaanesh Battletome AND Keeper Of Secrets this week on the show!

BattleMats Turn The Page On Their Next Battle Mat Book Set


BattleMats are returning with another of their acclaimed Battle Mat Books, heading to Kickstarter to create a modular, two-book set call The Dungeon.

Serve Your Time In Kromlech’s Penance Station


Kromlech have released a new piece to their Hive City terrain, a Penance Station designed to make sure everyone can see how sorry you are for your wicked deeds.

TTCombat Show Superb New Orc Buildin’ Boshin’ Releases


TTCombat are preparing to release more of their Orc Terrain Kits, and have shown off two of the new... I'm gunna say structures? that the orcs have built for far future tables.

Micro Art Studio Head To The Market For Kokkyo 3 Infinity Terrain


Micro Art Studio have released two new painted terrain sets for their Infinity, both for the Kokkyo 3 Japan-inspired range.

Sarissa Precision Construct A New Army Compound


Sarissa Precision has dropped some more terrain for those of you looking to build up a range of cool options for Historical wargame, especially around the period of World War II. 

Battle Across The Badlands With PWork Wargames’ Mat


We're revisiting a mat from the team at PWork Wargames today as we take a peek at their Badlands mat

Weekender: Make The Old New; Spring Clean Hobby Challenge Announced!

1 month ago 65

We announce a new Hobby Challenge for Springtime AND delve into lots more from the tabletop world!

Titan Terrain NZ Hit The Water In New Kriegsfischkutter


Slowly drifting through the waters of Europe the team at Titan Terrain NZ has previewed their new Kriegsfischkutter which will be available for release soon.

Monster Fight Club Bring Pre-Painted Terrain To Kickstarter


Monster Fight Club is now live on Kickstarter with their campaign to bring Monster Terrain to the tabletop.

Create Advanced Space Cities With New Sci-Fi Elven Terrain


Miniature Scenery have released an Elven Table Bundle to create an immortal, planetary utopia on your tabletop!

Hunt For Treasures With New Bad Squiddo Terrain Sets


Bad Squiddo Games has been showing off their new terrain collection which came to their webstore recently.

Sarissa Precision Take Refuge In A Mountain Village


Sarissa Precision have built some wonderful new terrain pieces which seem like they would be perfect for those fighting through scenic mountain passes in Feudal Japan. 

Speed Along In ZEN Terrain’s Upcoming Airboat


ZEN Terrain has been playing around with all sorts recently and one of their upcoming pieces is this rather neat looking Airboat.

The Doom Of Molech Descends On Adeptus Titanicus


Games Workshop announced a new supplement coming for those playing Adeptus Titanicus this week.

Explore The Woodlands Of PWork’s Latest Mat


PWork have released a good, multi-purpose mat featuring the grassy ground of meadows and woods.

Defend The Old Crooked Smithy By Spellcrow


Spellcrow has re-released one of their terrain pieces. Here we have The Old Smithy which has been revamped and is now available as one piece!

Avatars Of War’s New Statue Honours Their Dwarven Ancestors


Avatars Of War has added another new 3D printing project into their library for you to check out. This time around they are honouring their ancestors with this massive Dwarf King Statue.

3DAlienWorlds Battle Across 3D Printed Samurai Canals


3DAlienWorlds has produced another set of 3D printable terrain for use in your Samurai games. This time around they are traversing the waterways of Japan with their Samurai Canal set.

Antenocitis Hold Out Against The Horde In The Lazy Dog Saloon


Antenocitis Workshop has shown off a new piece of terrain for those looking to survive in the zombie apocalypse. If you're lucky, you might get to hide out in the Lazy Dog Saloon.

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