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Weekender: Probing GW’s Spikey Ring & WIN 40K Shadowspear


Chaos Space Marines, Kitbashing challenges, Warren heads to Frostgrave and WIN Shadowspear!

Brigade Models Release New Tiny Castle Towers


Well, these are just adorable.

TTCombat Release New Teaser Terrain Images


Fans of Flames of War will be delighted with this week's Teaser Tuesday from TT Combat, as the company announces a series of brand new 15mm kits for their World War Range!

Stand Before The Gates Of Doom From Printable Scenery


Printable Scenery has been working on some amazing pieces of 3D printable terrain for a while now but their latest releases take things to another level as your valiant heroes stand before the Gates Of Doom!

Skirmish Across Endor With New Star Wars: Imperial Assault Mat


Fantasy Flight Games has designed a new Star Wars: Imperial Assault mat for you to use at your FLGS.

Zandoria Build Deep Dungeons With PuzzleLock Playsets


Zandoria Studios are on Kickstarter right now with their PuzzleLock Playsets, 3D printable dungeon tiles for use when you're going adventuring on the tabletop.

Battle Through Winding Streets With PWork’s Darkburg Mat


If you're looking to get stuck into battles in an urban landscape then you might want to check out PWork Wargames' Darkburg Mat. 

Micro Art Studio Tease New Infinity Spiral Corps Mat


Micro Art Studio is working on some cool new mat designs for the latest expansion to Infinity. This was their first preview, the Spiral Corps Mat. 

Battle Through The City Of Steel Terrain Set By GameMat.Eu


GameMat.Eu has designed a set of MDF terrain for you to use in your futuristic games on the tabletop. Take a peek at the City Of Steel...

Tabletop Art Open Up A Trapdoor On New Scenery Accessories


Tabletop Art have released two new sets of tabletop terrain accessories to fill up the corners of your gaming dungeons. Getting Corny A new set of corn sacks have been released for when your gaming takes you somewhere rural. Little […]

Deep-Cut Roll Out A Pitch Fit For Guild Ball’s Order


Deep-Cut are continuing with their range of mats for the various teams of Guild Ball, this time laying out a playing pitch fit for The Order.

Weekender XLBS: Lloyd Joins The Furries & Games Changing Hands


We're talking furries, terrain crafting, project monitoring and trains (can you tell Lloyd is in the show?) today on Weekender XLBS!

Weekender: Age Of Sigmar – Warcry Announced & WIN Blackstone Fortress!


We're talking Warcry for Age Of Sigmar and LOTS of terrain with Battle Systems and TheTerrainTutor!

TheTerrainTutor’s Terrain Essentials Launches On Kickstarter


Mel The Terrain Tutor has teamed up with Dave Taylor and together they have launched a Kickstarter to produce a new book taking you through the essentials of building tabletop terrain.

TTCombat Rebuild Streets Of Venice With New Carnevale Terrain


TTCombat are returning the streets of Venice to their former glory. Having recently discontinued some of their Carnevale terrain, now they are bringing them back either updated or rebuilt from the ground up.

Hold Out Within Sarissa Precision’s Dark Age Fort


Sarissa Precision has bundled together a collection of terrain elements for those looking to build up their defences during the Dark Age.

Face A War Torn Battlefield With PWORK’s Dust Town


All-purpose battlefield mats are well worth considering nowadays since people play so many different games. Dust Town is one such mat, provided by PWORK Wargames.

Brutal Bloodletters Fight For The Blades Of Khorne Soon


Games Workshop is bringing the brutality of the battlefield to the Mortal Realms with the Blades Of Khorne Battletome next week for Age Of Sigmar. 

Weekender: NEW Infinity Daedalus’ Fall & Win Wrath & Rapture!


Welcome to the Weekender, where we are joined by another special guest! This week, it is none other than Mel Bose the Terrain Tutor.

4Ground Sneak-Peek Off The Port Bow!


4Ground have published a quick preview of a new project their designer Kris is working on. I wonder what it could be...

TTCombat Reveal Terrain For Warhammer 40,000 London Grand Tournament


TTCombat have announced that they will be providing the terrain for the 2019 London Grand Tournament, and to help players get a bit of practice in they will be releasing it for sale this Friday.

Privateer Press Announce Well of Orboros Preorder With Free Water Bottle!


A powerful elemental tool built by the blackclads of the Circle Oboros, the Well of Orboros comes with a free Black Anchor Industries Water Bottle when preordered through the Privateer Press website!

4Ground Join With Things From The Basement To Explore The Lost Archipelago


4Ground have kicked off their collaboration with Things From The Basement with the release of the new Lost Archipelago terrain sets. This set provides you with the terrain you need to create an ancient Meso-American style temple city, complete with […]

Cover Age of Sigmar’s Mortal Realms In Banduas Buildings And Tokens


Bandua Wargames have released some new pre-painted Imperial style buildings suitable for Age of Sigmar. 

Tabletop Troubadour Build The Fisherman A Storehouse


Tabletop Troubadour give us a glimpse of sculpting process for a new terrain piece currently up for pre-order on their Hagglethorn Hollow Pledge Manager. 

Weekender XLBS: RambleFEST 2019


We sit down with the 4Ground guys to talk about gaming in the gaps and changing rules to fit your group!

Weekender: WIN Dave Taylor’s New Book & NEW 4Ground Terrain

3 weeks ago 122

We've got a lot of folks to talk to this week and the 4Ground guys are in the studio with us too!

Spellcrow’s Spooky Tower Terrain & Accessories


To you need a little more magic for your miniatures? Spellcrow have conjured up some new terrain items to keep gamers spellbound!

Explore New Tabletop Options With Mantic’s Terrain Crate 2


As you'll have no doubt noticed, Mantic Games are back on Kickstarter with Terrain Crate 2 which offers up a new range of different terrain options

Fight Them On The Beaches With PWork’s New Overlord Mat


If you're looking to fight it out on the beaches and push an invasion force inland then you're going to need a good beach mat.

Defend Kromlech’s Hive City Ventilation Shafts


Building on their range of terrain options for those playing games in the grim dark future of Warhammer 40,000, Kromlech have produced another piece, the Hive City Ventilation Shaft.

A Symphony Calls The Golden Army To Wild West Exodus


Warcradle Studio has added two new Posse Sets into the mix for Wild West Exodus this week.

Venture To Twilight’s Crooked Trade Outpost On Kickstarter


The World Of Twilight grows once more with The Crooked Trade Outpost on Kickstarter.

4Ground Preview New Urbes Mortis Rubble & Ruins


4Ground have been previewing some more of their new terrain which is due to be hitting tabletops soon. The new Urbes Mortis collection will be a range of ruins for use with your heroic Sci-Fi miniatures.

3 Colours Up: Painting A Prismatic Palisade


Romain tackles The Prismatic Palisade Endless Spell from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Malign Sorcery expansion from Games Workshop. 

Battle Across Immersive Battle Maps With Yarro Studios


Yarro Studio is on Kickstarter right now looking to get you stuck into skirmishes across Immersive Battle Maps.

Deep-Cut Studio Lay Down The Streets Of Rome With New Mat


Deep-Cut Studio is getting stuck into a bit of Gangs Of Rome with their new official mat, produced alongside Footsore Miniatures. 

Mantic Announce TerrainCrate 2: Crate Expectations Kickstarter!


Mantic Games will be launching their new TerrainCrate on Kickstarter tomorrow, promising hundreds of new detailed plastic items to enhance your tabletop gaming experience.

Z1 Design Bring Us Back To Black Hallows On Kickstarter


Z1 Design is coming back to Kickstarter with a new campaign for Black Hallows Townsfolk II.

Kromlech Take & Hold The Sci-Fi Hive City Mansion


Kromlech has shown off another of their larger MDF pieces for those building Sci-Fi cities.

Weekender XLBS: Give A Friend Free Backstage & Ninja Division Fallout


We're discussing our hobby time, sharing and caring within the hobby and the failures of Kickstarter...

Weekender: Win 40K Shadowspear & GW TOP TRUMP?


We're chatting with Needy Cat Games today about their upcoming Newbury & Hobbes board game project and much more!

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