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Card Game Bali Announces Second Major Expansion


Bali: Villiage of Tani is the second expansion for Bali and introduces new challenges and rewards to the 2017 card-drafting game.

Namiji Brings Fishing Into The Tokaido Game Series


Funforge have announced a new stand-alone game by Antoine Bauza coming to stores in 2019 (I can actually hear @ludicryan fangirling already)!

Terra Mystica Gets A Sea-Worthy Expansion


Fans of the strategic civilization-builder Terra Mystica will be glad to hear that designer James Wolfpacker has announced there will be a new expansion coming to the tabletop in 2019.

Indie Thursday: Tiki Gods, Travel Gaming & Top Designers!


Cass gets tortured by Ryan who, after a week off, is super excited to talk about the coolest new Indie game offerings this week!

Command Control Of Conflicts In Air, Land & Sea


"He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight" - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Stronghold Games Cancel Aftershock Kickstarter Campaign


Stronghold Games have canceled the funding campaign for their key 2019 game, Aftershock, after the games Deluxe Edition failed to garner interest.

Conquer The Fashion World In Prêt-à-Porter


Portal Games will be launching the third edition of Prêt-à-Porter later this year on Kickstarter. Prêt-à-Porter, designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek (Stronghold, 51st State), was originally released back in 2010.

What’s In the Box?: Silk by Devir


Devir are a company known for their quirky games and quality design - in fact, they've produced some of my favourite games such as Picnic, Checkpoint Charlie and Papua.

Worker Placement Comes To The Waves In Keyper Expansion


Designer Richard Breese announced on Facebook that there will be a new expansion to Keyper released in 2019.

Roll Your Way To Victory With Doppelt So Clever


Doppelt so clever is the new roll-and-write game from Schmidt Spiele, announced as part of their 2019 catalogue.

Achieve Perfect Balance In KOZO


KOZO is a 3 Dimensional polyomino stacking game originally released in Japan under the name 古代建築「賢者の塔」(Ancient Construct).

Card Game Cabo Gets A Makeover In New Release


Bézier Games is re-releasing the card game Cabo for 2019 with all new artwork!

Rio Grande Announce Power Grid: Recharged Edition


Power Grid is a game which you've either played and loved, or you keep meaning to play but never get the chance. Well, good news for anyone in the later category - Rio Grande Games have announced Power Grid: Recharged Edition.

Flip Your Way To Victory In Strategic Game Deblockle


Deblockle is a really interesting strategic movement game for two players, where symbols dictate the range of movement.

Become An Oil Oligarch In The Upcoming Pipeline


Do you love money and hate the earth? Well, it's time for you to shine like the slick pile of prehistoric ooze you are as you put on your best ten-gallon hat and Texan drawl in Pipeline.

Craft Calming Cuppas In Chai Now On Kickstarter


Did you know that the Irish are the second biggest tea drinkers in the world? It only makes sense, then, that I would stumble across a Kickstarter about brewing the perfect cuppa.

Floodgate Announces Sagrada: The Great Facades Expansions


Floodgate Games have announced the next three expansions for their hit dice drafting game Sagrada. In Sagrada, players must draft dice to construct a beautiful stained glass window in the Sagrada Familia basilica in Barcelona.

Create Constellations In Tsuro: Phoenix Rising


Long ago, a vengeful god stole the stars from the night sky. To illuminate the night, hopeful people sent glowing paper lanterns floating toward the heavens.

Wizarding Wins In Glyph Chess Now On Kickstarter


Glyphs are relics from ancient times. It is said that they were discovered in a mysterious ruin, by the greatest wizard in history, Tisslair. Tisslair deciphered the rules of Glyph and recommended it to all his wizard friends.

Place Tiles Among Treetops In Legendary Forests


Legendary Forests is a multiplayer world-building game based on solitaire mechanics. Players are responsible for the creation of their forest, which they expand by placing tiles.

Petrichor HoneyBee Expansion Now On Kickstarter


There's a lot of buzz around this Kickstarter (see what I did there?). Mighty Boards have released their latest expansion to Petrichor, and it's sweet.

Stonemaier Games Announce Scythe Metal Mech Expansion


Scythe is already one of my favourite board games this year, and Stonemaier Games have just made it even cooler with their limited edition run of miniature metal mechs.

Complete Artisanal Tile-Crafting In Majolica


The rise of industrialization during the Victorian Era enabled both the mass production of a type of glazed pottery known as majolica as well as its spread to the Far East, including Japan, China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.

Transform Terrain In Terra Shifters


You kept eating meat, you used plastic straws, and do you remember that one time you just threw your water bottle into the bin? Well, now the world is ending. Thanks, Obama.

Game For The Glory Of Rome In The Romans


There was once a dream that was Rome, and now you can live it as you trace the history of this great empire from a small Italian kingdom to a vast Republic. Battle enemies, build cities, and deploy your armies to expand your influence in this new game from Ragnar Brothers!

Get Set For Stellar Fun In The Stars Align


Turn your eyes towards the heavens and search among the stars in the new astral game from PHD Games.

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