Stonegate Forge Talk Expansions For Shatterlands Skirmish Game

November 8, 2018 by brennon

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Stonegate Forge is a company that I'd not heard about until this week. They are the creators of a skirmish game called Shatterlands and this week saw them reveal some new expansion sets for this black powder game set in an alternative world.

Shattered Lands Expansion Box #1 - Stonegate Forge

These new boxes bring you either the Rapani or Keshdumah alongside all of the cards and such you'll need to play the game. The miniatures are looking great and uniquely colourful and inventive. They appear to be doing something very different with this game AND building their own unique world too which I can appreciate!

Shattered Lands Expansion Box #2 - Stonegate Forge

The world of Atelon is one which is continually evolving and sees a struggle between technology and magic. It actually has its own growing Wiki which can be added to as they continue to expand upon the world.

The miniatures have grabbed my attention but it would be great to know if anyone has checked out this game in more detail?

Let me know below!

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