WoFun Games March Plexiglass Armies Onto The Tabletop

February 10, 2019 by cassn

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WoFun Games have set out with a mission to bring history into the home, creating beautiful and immersive tabletop historical battles with hundreds of figurines.


Now, they have created a series of over 2,500 historical plexiglass miniatures in both 18mm and 28mm scale, "Battle in Box games" and wargaming scenery!


WoFun first developed the idea when they wanted to build a tabletop game of the Battle of Arbela (331BC):

We started to search alternative ways to make beautiful tabletop games. After a while, our tabletop game project became a search for a new, affordable miniature designed with very high-quality details as a component of a wargame with hundreds of miniatures.


Each miniature is designed down to the last detail, with careful attention paid to shadowing in order to create a 3D perspective on the designs. Plexiglass was the material of choice due to its affordability and durability.


Every character has a different facial expression, beard or hairstyle, so no two characters in your army will be the same, which is one of the many benefits of these plexiglass designs.


These are a really interesting, affordable alternative to miniatures, allowing you to create vast armies on the tabletop. Head over to the Kickstarter for further information.

Would you use plexiglass figures for tabletop wargaming?

"Hundreds of miniatures!"

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