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    Hey gentlefolks,


    Better late than never, right? Busy day with sleeping in, payday chores and getting more sleep before a night shift, so here we are!


    A shameless copy and paste here lads…


    This is a collaborative, chatty thread. Not an exclusive thing or elitist. Please join in and enjoy a friendly welcome. Make a hobby pledge, post some tunes, let us all know how you are getting on. No religion or politics but otherwise discussion and chatting is encouraged. Points awarded for entertaining posts, being engaged or getting hobby done and there is a winner declared at the end.


    Please post tunes and hobby pledges (aspirational pledges are fine) and if you haven’t joined in on the thread before please do feel welcome and jump on in
    Also there are bonuses for the following ‘Achievements’:
    · Most Valuable Player (most engaged with topic)
    · Fire Starter (topic starter, encourages the member circulation)
    · Hobby Champ (most hobby over the weekend)
    · Meme Lord (ryhmes, funnies & memes)
    · Pun-Tertainment (best pun)
    · Brush Licker (painting & terrain)
    · Headliner DJ (most eclectic music)
    · Armchair Commander (weekend battle reports)
    · Community Usher (helpful & engaged)
    · Storyteller (weekly discussion & story)


    Points will be awarded by me for posts. Ordinarily I would divine the appropriate number of points by butchering livestock and studying the entrails, but as I don’t actually own any livestock and may faint at the sight of all that blood, I shall substitute carrots instead…


    Questions to follow…




    Im going to keep this lighthearted


    Question 1: How do you feel about musicals and which one is your favourite?


    Question 2: How do you feel about settings that are super serious for either RPGs, Tabletop board games, minature games or computer games?


    Question 3: The same but for more lighthearted, comedic, whimsical or fun?


    Question 4: Give me a brief elevator pitch for a game. No more than 40 words.



    My pledge:


    (1) Play D&D on Saturday

    (2) Do some hobby with Mike and help him with his Star Wars stuff (and post pics this time)

    (3) Do the totals of the last weekender thread I did but got too busy to do

    (4) Work on my two AoS objective markers


    Someone please get on my case about number 4 and be my coach/sponsor/nag to work on them and post regular pic updates.



    @mage thanks for hosting this weekend 🙂


    Question 1: How do you feel about musicals and which one is your favourite? – Not really a fan. Which is to say, really not a fan. Will happily watch concerts on DVD though, does that count? If pressed I’ll probably say The Wall even though I know that doesn’t count as a musical but the film gave a narrative continuity o the album so it does sort of count maybe?… Otherwise I’ll say cannibal the Musical just to be difficult (fair warning, it’s truly terrible so don’t go and watch it on the basis of this recommendation 🙂 )

    Question 2: How do you feel about settings that are super serious for either RPGs, Tabletop board games, miniature games or computer games? – I think they have their time and place. Tension and political intrigue can make a game enjoyable just as they can do with TV shows. Probably just depends on who you are gaming with and whether people are prepared to get involved in the narrative/atmosphere/setting for the relevant game. There’s no point in playing out a serious cold war spy game if someone is cracking monty Python one-liners the whole night – kind of ruins the immersion…

    Question 3: The same but for more lighthearted, comedic, whimsical or fun? – Ahain, has it’s time and place. A quick game of Fluxx or Munchkin at the start of the night can get everybody relaxed and in good spirits before moving onto games with a little more depth.

    Question 4: Give me a brief elevator pitch for a game. No more than 40 words. – Am tempted to give a pitch for an elevator game instead, but am concerned that I’d be perma-banned from the thread for the ensuing ‘highs and lows’ puns… 🙂 Ok here goes: High fantasy RPG where the players need to explore a devastated kingdom to stop a magical blight spreading to surrounding lands by uncovering and unwinding the terrible magic ritual that led to the downfall of their civilisation. Yep, nothing original there I know 😉 But at least it is a setup that would explain the absence of local settlements for resupply, the prevalence of magic loot and all the monstrous baddies running amok everywhere…

    Suffering from a bit of hobby burnout at the moment (Hobby is starting to feel like work) so not going to make a pledge but will just see what I end up getting done. Would be good to catch up on a few of the lets plays etc from the last couple of weeks…




    @mage are they some of the really nice looking kit form AoS objective markers or are you looking at scratch building something?

    And because the first song has been stuck in my head all day:



    I’m getting around to responding to the original post, I swear!


    Anyhoo, the objectives are two remaining from this set:



    Specifically they are the weapons pile and the treasure set with the books, potions and magical bits.



    Question 1: Not a giant fan. I was in one once during Grade Seven because a Girl I liked was in it and hated it. I hate being taken out of something, seeing a song jammed in just because it’s a musical jars me just like shoehorning in a characters catchphrase.

    Question 2: Love me some super serious games. I love to dive in-depth with things like character backgrounds and a mountain of background research. When it comes to Tabletop Games the more depth the better. For PC games like “Holdfast: Nations at War” a Napoleonic Version of a First Person Shooter, which is phenomenal, I love the depth and detail but I also have a chuckle when when someone plays extremely inappropriate music or a speech during the game. Balance is nice but it depends on my mood.

    Question 4: Sharp Practice. Take history and combine it with your favourite Historical Fiction Novels/Movies. Small scale, in depth action focused on the heroes and villains.

    This week I’m working on my Black Guard of Barad Dur for Middle Earth SBG.



    Ok misunderstood – if it’s an elevator pitch for an existing game then I’m with @elessar2590 – Sharp Practice. Seriously, if you’re not across it then check this out as Richard and Justin play a turn to show the basics of the rules and accidentally end up getting distracted and playing a full game 🙂

    Let’s Play: Sharp Practice

    I nearly bought a couple of French Indian War forces for this game today (Warlord were having a sale…)



    My progress for today was finally getting 36 Perry Foot Knights up to tabletop (Well OK i still need to add a bit more detail to the bases) but otherwise can tick these off. Will be used as Bretonnian Foot knights for WHFB 8th ed, Empire of men in Kings of War and heaven forbid, possibly even as historical foot knights one day…




    Hey guys, i just wanted to apologize that i didn’t appear much in last weeks thread, and this time around i will be a rare sight too i fear. Last week and the upcoming week i had to work the late shift and fill in for an ill coworker …. and late shift really is a joke in my opinion …. it’s from 6 pm to 6 am … so you can guess my levels of exhaustion.

    I’ll try to at least answer the questions later should i feel a bit more like a living beeing and not a machine 😉



    “I’m still alive” … at least those parts of me who didn’t get sick yet… but I finished my Star Wars Legion Commandos and did some pictures.


    Also my space for more Legion Minis is running low


    And some sad new. After 20’ish years he has passed… my first pot of black paint is empty.


    I cleaned him, retrieved the gen seed agitator ball and will place him back in his red box. There he will wait for his brothers. I fear white will be next.

    Since those where my last unpainted Legion Models I dug up a “thing” I started years ago… 10 years at least… but it fit this month of Orktober. Behold my troop transport!


    It’s a tank. The base model is a Russian SU-100 and the rest are bits and plastic card.  But it need much more bits!



    Apologies for the scarcity today, there was internet problems all across my hometown. There was something up with the 3G/4G network. It really impacted my D&D session without being able to play ambient music, either.


    I will get back to you all tomorrow with you with a proper response tomorrow. Until then, may your dice always roll sixes.



    WIP of my Black Guard.



    @sundancer wow those minis are looking amazing.

    @evilstu brilliant minis. I’ve been looking at getting them myself for Kings of War how were they to paint? Ever since painting my Grey Knights I have an issue with painting a lot of Metal.

    Oh also being a bit of a snoop I noticed the 95th Rifles Box in the background. Any plans for them?



    @querion ah those hours aren’t fun – good luck on getting through the week!

    @sundancer time for another layer on top of your legion storage tray then? 🙂 wow, amazed that flip-top paint pots have lasted you that long 🙂 ork truck looks fantastic.

    @mage oh no! I never seem to realise how relaint I am on the internet until it goes out… Hope coverage is restored at better than ‘intermittent; levels for you 🙂

    @elessar2590 nice progress on the Black Guard 🙂 I was lucky enough to get to paint a bunch of LoTR stuff for my cousin back when it was first released, those minis were a lot of fun. I like the way the armour is looking – clearly metallic but still dark and heavy – think you have nailed the look. Re the Perry foot knights, they went together a dream (as you would expect…). I swapped british and French components to try and go for a coherent looking force. Cheated bigime on the painting, primed in Army Painter Plate Mail, added base colours which was Vallejo Yellow Ochre (this has great coverage especially for a yellow), Intense Blue and Cavalry Brown, used flesh for the faces, brown for the belts and brass for the sword hilts, then dipped the whole lot in Army Painter dark tone varnish which had been thinned a little in the tin with turpentine. Re- highlighted/drybrushed again with the base colours, a coat of matt vanished, based and done 🙂 So the silver was dead simple as it is literally the exposed primer with a dip varnish settled over the top 🙂 Couple of ‘in progress’ photos following showing how many sins a coat of varnish and subsequent rehighlighting can truly hide 🙂


    Re the 95th, have them painted to tabletop as part of my 2 ‘starter’ forces for Sharp Practice. Really need to revisit the 95th when I get the chance as I am not happy with their paint scheme. Need to paint up a few more Big Men for each side, I want to do another block of French line infantry which will give me an even 8 and I can then sort the colours on the pom poms. Once that’s done I have a gun and squad of dragoons for each force which should be enough for some interesting games. From there not really sure how to progress the British, was thinking of trying to pick up a box if the Victrix centre company highlanders for something a bit different, or I could go for a box of the flank companies and just se them as normal grenadiers. For the French I still have minis to make 3 blocks of voltiguers and 2 of grenadiers, plus a few extra from the Waterloo starter set so plenty to keep me busy. Would love to do a Russian army one day and do some 1812 themed stuff so don’t mind the extra greatcoats 🙂


    And a bit of a segue into today’s hobby progress – some base colours down on my British Dragoons:




    Im back! Good morning all.



    Have a free quiet house so the above music.


    Time to go through posts.



    @evilstu (125 points?!?! Damn.)

    5 points for the first response.

    Question 1: How do you feel about musicals and which one is your favourite?

    No, none of that counts, lol. Thanks for trying! Haha. 5 points. I shant be checking up on cannibal the musical haha.

    Question 2: How do you feel about settings that are super serious for either RPGs, Tabletop board games, miniature games or computer games?

    With RPGs immersion and the players personalities and ability to play other characters does leave it up in the air. 5 points.

    Question 3: The same but for more lighthearted, comedic, whimsical or fun?

    10 points, fair point about balancing and getting the giddies out of one’s system.

    Question 4: Give me a brief elevator pitch for a game. No more than 40 words.

    Your interpretation of what was meant by the correction was correct, yes.

    You guessed right, hahaaaa. I really like that actually, it could serve as a prequal to the Dark Souls games. 10 points. What minis and factions would there be? Or if an RPG which system would it use? Or what would a board game look like?

    Its ok not to have a pledge, but I know you can do it! Go on! Get in there! I believe in YOU!

    Alice in Chains: 10 points
    Ayria DOS: 5 points (I like it, kinda like a mix of 90s dance trance and something from Blade)
    Together til the end: 5 points (I like it but not as much)
    Icon of Coil: 5 points

    There is a recurring theme to the music you like, try this:

    10 points for feedback to others.

    Regarding the:

    95th Rifles

    Are they the condition they were in before you started this weekend or what? What work did you do on them? Seems like a lot. Its important, for points!

    50 points for the Knights on foot.

    And yes we are so reliant on the internet…

    @elessar2590 (45 points)

    Wow! Are the all metal? I love those minis. Im super jealous. This is biased as heck but 20 points!

    10 points for feedback to other people.

    Question 1: 5 points for being honest.

    Question 2: A fps napoleonic? Sounds interesting. 10 points.

    Thoughts on question 3?

    Question 4: It was more meant as you pitch a game your making up at me than a recommendation

    @querion (10 points)

    Don’t apologise, this isnt a chore nor an obligation. Even though we all like our models we all still have lives too, oddly enough.

    Querion sighted off the port bow! Aye, he be a rare beast!

    I do 8pm to 8am a lot. Now go process data and input fuel, living being!


    5 pity points. No sooner than I recovered I felt a midly swollen gland and now I have phlegm again. The mother got sick again briefly as did my little boy.

    30 points for the finished Commandos and 15 points for Han, he is a character after all.

    Not sure the coloured rims work on the bases for me Im afriad, hope saying that didn’t hurt your feelings.

    I recommend Thamar Black from the P3 range from Privateer Press to replace it, it is quite good.

    Speaking of Star Wars Legoin I ordered Boba Fett along with some replacement paints and brushes.


    Shuddupp Mage! Dats a good wagon @sundancer WAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

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