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Hobby Weekender: 10/11 Fashionably late!

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    Welcome All to another Hobby Weekender!

    Intro blurb shamelessly cut and paste below:

    To the uninitiated, this is a virtual hobby hangout here on the forum. It is something fun and silly with a little more ‘oomph’. Its not just show and tell with your models. Its chatting, getting to know one another, community building. Think of it as a sort of club like hobby session. Everyone is welcome, of course, and there are a few rules to abide by. Let it go as OT as you like with chatting with folks. BoW is a special, unique community, and this little weekly thread is a tradition on these forums. Though not for everyone, if you are still reading and keen, then it is for you. If not, best click out.

    We do a few things on this thread that usually lasts from Friday or Saturday til about Wednesday or Thursday. Hosting alternates between myself and @mage though on occasion others have hosted too. Our say is final in this silly little corner of the internet. Fear not, for this is your safe place against the outside world of flame wars, trolling and all that other crap.


    (1) Make a pledge for the weekend. It can be painting, assembly, priming, converting, background writing, terrain, you name it. Just gotta be relevant to hobbying or gaming.

    (2) Chat with people. Be friendly. Do get to know one another, be kind, provide positive reinforcement and constructive criticism. Do not post up your real name, credit card, bank details or home address info.

    (3) I will list out questions. Answer them. Longer answers = more points. Also, points are being assigned to something else as it confused some folk for a while.

    (4) Awards will be given out at the end of the thread and you shall be awarded XP, added to your account profile by the wonderful @lancorz . Think of him as the ever vigilant Batman of the forums who keeps a careful eye on the status quo, but also acts in a way, like Alfred; with a calm disposition and the attentitive nature of a concierge.


    (5) Scottish Pub Law rules: no discussion of religion or politics**. Keep it clean. Behave. Be nice, be kind. Walk away if you get angry. Don’t be a dick.

    Also there are bonuses for the following ‘Achievements’:
    · Most Valuable Player (most engaged with topic)
    · Fire Starter (topic starter, encourages the member circulation)
    · Hobby Champ (most hobby over the weekend)
    · Meme Lord (ryhmes, funnies & memes)
    · Pun-Tertainment (best pun)
    · Brush Licker (painting & terrain)
    · Headliner DJ (most eclectic music)
    · Armchair Commander (weekend battle reports)
    · Community Usher (helpful & engaged)
    · Storyteller (weekly discussion & story)

    And there are weekly questions to get the conversation going. So, for this week:

    1.    What’s your favourite ‘quest’ movie? Totally not a question inspired by the releases of Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress.


    2.   Pick a race and character for said adventure!


    3. I was in a rush doing this. Tell me something cool you did or discovered this week



    Not much of a pledge this weekend as we have the niece & nephew down today and tomorrow I’m in anime watching and review writing mode (so many shows, not enough time. looking forward to Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky though… handily both that and it’s sequel are up on Youtube in English for free- and legally to boot!)

    I do plan to try and get some of my extant metal Kasrkin cleaned & built tomorrow morning, and have some Marines kit bashes niggling at the back of my mind….




    Thats as a good a pledge as any! Post when you can sure.


    Im working most of the weekend and when I am free I have my son. Monday things will normalise.


    I myself shall continue work on my ‘The Hobbit’ Miniatures. Balin and Thorin are done as is almost Bilbo.


    Saw Halloween 2018 too last night and Overlord a few days before that. Good stuff!



    So I am painting up my imperial assault models this weekend, specifically Spectre squadron. In addition to this having watched the weekender I thought I’d add in my first miniatures I ever painted. So here is my achievement for the weekend so far (yes, I count Friday evening as weekend lol)


    Collins aged 11 next to Collins aged 31.




    Hm lost my earlier response


    @collins (40 Quatloos)


    @collins Welcome to the thread! 30 points for the work, 10 for the pledge. Dont forget to post music, keep posting progress, as well as the non-mandatory questions1



    @dawfydd (10 Quatloos)


    I will check that link later when I can listen to it. 10 points for the pledge! Sure post when you can.



    *grr* browser crashed and ate my post

    /me smash box wiv da big spanner …
    ‘Prophets of Waagh!’ was so much fun. 3 short audio stories about Orks doing Orky things after *ahem* landing on a planet.

    Next up on my list of stuff to do is reading the Ork Codex. At best I get an idea of the enemy. At worst I’ll probably be starting yet another army for 40k. We’ll see.

    (1) Quest movies …
    Most action movies tend to be quests of some kind, don’t they ?
    I’ll list the few that popped into my head:
    – Galaxy Quest : a movie that manages to mix comedy with a parody of SF-series and their fanbase, actors and conventions. Plus the former actors of the series are on a quest when real aliens mistake the series for actual historical documentary.

    – Kelly’s Heroes : WW2 action movie, a squad of american soldiers on a quest to *eh* liberate some gold from the enemy. So none of dem negative waves. That bridge will be there.

    – Aliens : SF Action/horror. Game over man, game over.

    – Lord of The Rings : the epic quest in 3 parts. The books are better, but it is a decent attempt at converting the story to movie format. No way this series wasn’t mentioned, right ?

    (2) race and character for adventure ?
    Did I see an Eldar in the Black fortress announcement ? I call dibs.

    (3) something cool ?
    I saw a demo of ‘Guildball’, ‘Bolt-action’ (British vs German army) and ‘Team Yankee’ (Dutch vs Russians) at the games convention I attended today.
    The boardgames still dominate the event, but it is a start.
    Best moment was seeing a kid having fun playing Bolt-action.
    Makes me wish I can someday convince my nephew to play this one too.
    I was tempted to buy stuff, but I managed to limit myself to a copy of the Ork codex at the local GW store.

    Anyone seen ‘Overlord’ yet ?
    It’s probably a dumb action movie and it definitely won’t be historically accurate (I doubt Nazis experimented with super soldier/demons ;-))

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    Ate your post? NOM NOM NOM!



    I guess my post was too tasty for the internet 😉



    It must have been similar to pestrami



    @limburger (45 Quatloos)


    Orks you say? Im tempted by the codex

    Question 1: I never got the rage about Galaxy Quest. I got why people liked it but it always seemed self indulgent and contrived to me. Kelly’s Heroes is a great choice. Aliens is more ‘kick down the door role play’ to me than ‘a quest’. Lotr is kind of the textbook example.


    20 Quatloos


    Question 2: Space Elf Ranger? 10 Quatloos.


    Question 3: Excellent. Love the games you list and the Bolt Action scene you describe. 15 Quatloos


    I have indeed seen Overlord.





    I think @mage has been watching too much Star Trek Classic.

    1000 Quatloos for the hosting 😉

    Fanboys/girls will rage over anything that annoys them.
    Although sometimes they will surprise with less hatred than expected (Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor was met with more positive than negative response)

    GQ does touch on quite a few bits that resonate. I always wonder how actors of a popular tv-show feel when they are called to do stuff at conventions or in commercials. It must suck to be known as ‘that guy from the show’ instead of getting to do ‘real’ acting.



    I’d spend it all on bad cider and chinese food!


    Haven’t seen any of Jodie Whitaker as the Doctor yet, but I look forward to getting the chance to sit down to it.


    I think all actors are different. Then again, their feelings over time might change also.



    I pledge to continue of my super secret secret squirrel project that only myself and a choice cabal of the elite chosen know of.

    Favorite quest movie? You really know how to make this difficult. This is a film trope that really pulls at what I look for in film. I’ll give a trifecta for this race.

    • Suckerpunch
    • The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
    • The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

    Honorable mentions

    • Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    • The City of Lost Children
    • Dark City
    • Circle of Iron
    • The Ewok Adventure” (yes, quite a departure from the rest).

    Race is human… and make a character….hmm. Can I start over on this? If we’re picking RPGs that’s easy as Changleing: The Lost wins. Perhaps “The Dark Crystal” might work if we worked with non-humans. Augh! The quest genre is quite vast as it is to achieve some task. The first six Star Wars films did well to round out a quest arc and offered variety in character customization.

    I’ll plumb the depths of analysis and putter around my head to answer some more later.

    As far as cool stuff, I’ve ordered a small cache of bits to start assembling more display ork warbosses. I’ve fallen into the trap of kitbashing GW stuff and the orks are a great lot for it as you can be as ridiculous as you want to be. The more over the top with details and seemingly non-related elements the better it probably will be. That reminds me of the similar aesthetic in the Tank Girl comics.

    I have also found that the Secret Weapon pigments are doing a very nice job of weathering the skeletal knight I’m working on right now.Its always good to find you’re having fun again after you’ve come to dread going back to a figure.

    @limburger As I think about it, with 11Nov 12 hrs away in my timezone, technically speaking you could probably look at most war films being quests all their own. As far as the Ork codex I think this might help before dropping the money. Each one is  about an hour long.



    Sorry I’m late guys. And sorry again if I don’t catch up in the thread with reading since I’m so tired reading and writing in any other language than my mother tongue is a real PITA.

    1. What’s your favourite ‘quest’ movie? Totally not a question inspired by the releases of Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress.

    Jebus… how should I know… I even couldn’t think of proper quests. Most movies have some kind of goal. Indiana Jones is always fun. Or Heavy Metal. Ice Pirates and Time Bandits. Alien is sort of a quest movie too.

    2. Pick a race and character for said adventure!

    Robot Assassin! HK-47 or IG-88.

    3. I was in a rush doing this. Tell me something cool you did or discovered this week

    I discovered nothing but I went with my best buddy to see a comedy act. Though the description doesn’t fit. He’s an author and tells his stories live but uses words wrong or hyper-accurately so that your ears have trouble following and you’re laughing your rear end of most of the time. For everyone able to understand German or just to see that man in action please watch this (starting at 1:50). It’s about how not everything was better in the past but some things were and still would be if some people had not started tinkering with it. Example: Wurstbrot. (sausage sandwich)

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