Plan Your Transport Empire In Compass Games’ Cargo Express

December 13, 2018 by brennon

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I do love my quaint Euro-style games and Cargo Express from Compass Games seems very much in that vein for me. So, I thought I'd take a peek at this game coming out in 2019.

Cargo Express - Compass Games

In this two-to-four player game, you're going to be taking on the role of train entrepreneurs who are looking to take on orders for the delivery of good across your network. However, it's never as simple as all that.

Cargo Express Tokens - Compass Games

The game is mechanically simple, with each turn starting with a planning phase that links into player turns after it. During these turns, you'll be working out the best combination open to you when transporting goods and hoping to avoid the pitfalls that come your way.

Not only do you have to work out the best goods to transport, but aim for the right objectives and sort out the speed of your locomotive too.

I have a fascination with train games and the charming art style here already has me somewhat hooked. I'd have to play the game to find out if I liked it but delivering goods and setting up transport networks...sounds like an awesome evening to me.

Whether or not this is going to beat the likes of Great Western Trail, well,

Will you be keeping an eye on Cargo Express? 

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