Challenge The Holy Order In Inquisitor

January 13, 2019 by cassn

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Fifteen centuries have passed since Jesus descended from his cross, bathed Jerusalem in blood, and conquered Rome. The world has been ruled by inquisitors ever since.

The Holy Office, the institution who defends the true faith for which the inquisitors fight for, rules under the symbols of the Flame and Cross. However, these symbols, by their very nature, are a contradiction - one represents the righteous Christians, the other the Persian fire mages who they battle against. In this unforgiving landscape, fear and holy order take hold, secrets abound, and only the most devoted Inquisitor can unravel the mysteries of this world and restore balance to the chaos.


Inquisitor is a detective board game based on the best-selling short story series by Jacek Piekara. There's no details on the mechanics of the game yet, however, the storyline certainly sounds interesting. We'll be looking forward to hearing more about this project from RedImp Games as information is released.

What do you think about the storyline for this game?

"Based on the best-selling short story series by Jacek Piekara!"

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