It’s A White Out With New Deep Cut Tundra Mat Design

January 18, 2019 by brennon

Deep Cut Studio has designed a new Tundra mat. The effects have been tweaked somewhat since the first iteration but it still remains a good backdrop for all those wintery scenes that you want to play out on the tabletop.

Tundra VS Mat Design - Deep Cut Studio

As designs go, it's pretty on point when you consider what they're trying to convey. It's white and has a bit of brush beneath the surface to show the arid landscape. This would be great for people playing out some of the wintery scenes from World War II or perhaps an adventure into the frozen ruins of Frostgrave.

They did say that the mat details have been tweaked so that they aren't automatically geared towards 28mm gaming. Some things have been sharpened and mixed up to allow it to be useful for 15mm and smaller scales too.

The mat comes in a range of different sizes too. The smaller 3x3 designs are the ones that I'll be looking at in more detail for Burrows & Badgers and Rangers Of Shadow Deep.

There's only so much you can say about a mat design but if you like Deep-Cut then you'll most likely be happy with this new one!

What do you think?

"The smaller 3x3 designs are the ones that I'll be looking at..."

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