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Community Spotlight: Striking Scorpions, Masterful Trolls & Death-dealing Titans


Come and see what the community has been doing this week as we dive into the Projects and the Forums.

Arena Rex’s Helleniki Warband Prepare For Blood On The Sands


We saw some teasers of these models but now you can get your hands on the entire Helleniki Warband for use in Red Republic Games’ Arena Rex.

Red Republic Preview Helleniki Gladiators For Arena Rex


Red Republic Games has been talking more about a new band of Gladiators which will be fighting on the sands of Arena Rex soon.

Cato Mounts Up On A Wild Lizard For Arena Rex


Area Rex welcomes another fighter to the bloody sands in the form of Cato. As well as this new fighter he will also find himself mounting up atop a quick and agile mount!

Let’s Play: Sentinels Of The Multiverse


Check out this co-operative card game
from Greater Than Games.